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While few researchers claim that collaborative learning takes a backseat on online learning platforms, there are online instructors and tutors who have aced the art of delivering experiential lessons virtually. We, at Baccalaureate Academy, pride ourselves on training our IB tutors to effectively engage students online when we onboard them. Here’s the catch: it isn’t the technology that matters. Our online IB tutors have found that technology hinders learning when used in a way that doesn’t take advantage of the medium. On the other hand, replicating face-to-face lessons online will hardly do any wonders either. If you’re wondering how to enhance student engagement in IB online tuitions and whether there are any pros of online tutoring, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, our expert IB tutors have broken down the pros and cons of online tuitions that you should consider before kickstarting your e-journey.

Small Class Size

The main advantage of taking online IB tuition is personalised learning. It has been proven that students benefit immensely from one-on-one interactions with an IB tutor. A good tutor who’s taking your IB tuition will ensure that they tailor the class as per your needs and requirements. Our online IB tutors work tirelessly to ensure that the students’ strengths are enhanced, and their weaknesses are ameliorated by giving them worksheets and handouts to practice.

Remedial Support

Our online IB tutors are not teachers; they share a different equation with the tutees. Theirs is an informal relationship where the tutor works alongside the tutee in the IB tuition to tailor their delivery as per the tutee’s learning style. This is extremely beneficial for both the parties because they can gauge each other’s body language and communicate better. This learning environment is often missing in the schools of today.

Expert Teachers

Usually, in a school, a teacher who has done her Bachelor’s in English is burdened with the task of taking classes for three simultaneous grades, or is often pressurised to take up subjects that are studied in tandem with English, like Drama. In a situation like this, the school teachers aren’t equipped to take on the workload and fail to maintain the quality of their lectures. This is not often the case with IB online tutors. Our IB maths tutor and IB Physics tutor are experts in their field and available at the beck and call of students to help them with their IAs, HL Essays, and homework assignments. We, at Baccalaureate Academy, even have IB English tutor and IB online Maths tutor who’re equipped to prepare you for university entrance exams, SAT, TOEFL and GRE, to name a few. Our IB Maths tutor and online IB English tutor have the required certifications to help students ace standardised tests.

Positive Experience

For tutoring to work well offline and online, our IB Physics tutor argues that the student has to click with the tutor. Online learning works well if the diploma student is conducive to trying different learning strategies and settling for one which works in their favor. Our online IB Biology tutor feels that it’s extremely important for parents to work with reputable agencies. Our organisation vets all its teachers to ensure the safety of our students. We also encourage our recruits to furnish testimonials and references from previous clients before embarking on a journey with us. Our Online IB Math tutor requests parents to ask teachers for references before committing to a long-term partnership.

Flexible Schedule

A huge advantage of online tutoring is, as per our online IB Biology tutor, is that it can be taken from anywhere at any time. Our IB online Physics tutor fixes lessons to work around the schedule of the child. It is imperative that you take lectures with students when they feel most awake and energised. Our IB online Maths tutor considers taking tuitions in a quiet space is beneficial both for the tutor and the tutee as the extent to which you concentrate in lectures increases. Also, it minimises the travel time for both the parties, which is another plus point of virtual tuitions.

If you’re an international IB student who wants to take classes from our expert IB Physics tutor, IB English tutor or IB biology tutor, make sure that you factor in the time zone. Also, ensure that you mark the appropriate time zone in Google Calendar so that you don’t miss out on the lecture, albeit unintentionally. It is important for online tutors to send students a reminder for the class and make sure that they’re genuinely engaging with the content which you can check with the help of regular testing.

Teaching Options And Resources

There are a range of resources that you can use to maintain a balance between instructional time and practice. Consider allowing students to complete assignments and worksheets in online tuitions. Since most of them will be learning on a screen all day, you can help reduce the screen time after school hours. You can use online polls, like Polls Everywhere, to check for understanding of the pupil and reinforce topics in the virtual class. Also, consider posting short instructional videos and quizzing students on them later to ensure participation. Make sure you touch base with a student who hasn’t sent in their homework timely so that they know that you are tracking their progress.

The disadvantage of online tutoring is that you can neither control the behaviour nor the disengagement of the student in the virtual classes. In case you feel that a student is disconnected, involve the parents straight away. They will support you at every step of the way and ensure that maximum learning takes place. We, at Baccalaureate Academy, work in tandem with parents and students to meet the pupil’s academic potential and inspire them to strive for excellence.

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