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Attaining superiority in economics from multi boards like IB/ IGCSE/CBSE/ ICSE. It comprises an array of skills; besides an understanding of the material, the stability of examination, structure, and demonstrations are all crucial tools which you must be conscious of so as to fulfill your strength. We can assist you in achieving this fine balance of skills and increase your capabilities before sitting for the final exams. By the end of the course, you will not only have a resisting grasp on the material but also acquire a new and more prosperous perspective to economic thinking according to the highest criteria set by the Baccalaureate Academy and gain confidence in your potential during the exams.



Study and practice the most testing parts of the curriculum. In addition, the curriculum will also provide you an eagle’s sight of how the varying concepts associated together.

You will get a copy of the study Baccalaureate Academy Economics course guide to refer into. The Course guide constitutes all the fact-based knowledge you require in your exam and covers the syllabus from A to Z.

The segment of the syllabus that requires knowledge of the application has been designed into a sequential approach so that you save time which enhances your time management skills figuring out you next quick during your exam.

In order to make sure you really understand and understand the theory needed to get peak scores in results on the final Baccalaureate Economics exam, we spend at least 50% of the revision topics by practicing mock question papers and previous years solved papers. Our teachers make a thorough scrutiny of your work and you will be awarded beneficial and practical feedback after every practice session to help you develop fast pace as much as possible.

At the conclusion of the course, you will receive a distinctive study routine in which we recommend you emphasizing on what topic to study the most. We impart our experience on most focused topics in order to enhance your efficiency in key fundamental theories.

You will have the opportunity to appear in a mock exam which we will mark and provide feedback for up to 5 days before the beginning of the exam.


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