Teaching Physics and Math Online

With several complex concepts to grasp, IB Physics and IB Maths seem to be abstract subjects. However, we, at Baccalaureate Classes, have expert IB online Maths tutor and IB online Physics tutor to help you devise long term goals for success. Our IB tutors have amassed years of experience and know how to meet the learning needs and expectations of struggling mentees. A common struggle most students face is linking the curriculum syllabus with real word concepts. Our specialised IB tutors have a solution for this too: our private IB Physics tutor and IB Maths tutor are skilled at explaining complex equations in an instinctive manner through personalised lesson plans and customised teaching style. With our IB online tuition classes, mentees will get the best guidance for cracking their IBDP exams and securing a seat in coveted Ivy League colleges. The one-one-one sessions that our IB maths tutor and IB Physics tutor take with the learners have, over the years, proved to be a sureshot way to success.

In this blog, we speak to our top IB online maths tutor and IB online physics tutor about how they teach their respective subjects online and the platforms they find work best for them.

Introducing Our Teachers

Our IB Maths and IB Physics tutors are highly qualified and have taught students primarily from India and UK for over a decade. They are proficient in teaching several curriculums and courses like IBDP, IGCSE, AS and A levels, MYP, SAT, AP, CBSE and ICSE. They have also worked with a couple of IB schools in Delhi NCR and helped students extensively with their IAs and EEs.

They were kind enough to take out the time to talk to us about their online tutoring experience.

Tutoring Platform

Like our online IB English tutor and IB Biology tutor, our mentors take their IB tuition sessions over a range of platforms, such as Google Meet, Google Hangout, Zoom and Skype. Our IB tutors suggest their students to have a backup device handy in case their internet connection destabilises. They’re comfortable across all these platforms, however, if they had to pick a favourite, Zoom is their favourite. They feel that it doesn’t take too long to achieve a good connection on Zoom — not more than 30 seconds, they’d daresay. Moreover, it is free just like the rest of the platforms.

Softwares Used

Our online IB tutors use Microsoft OneNote for storing their work and alternatively, use it as a whiteboard. The reason why our online IB tutors prefer it is because it is streamlined, structured and well organised. It meets the strenuous demands of IB Physics and Maths seamlessly by allowing the IB Maths and Physics tutor to write equations and proofs which the students can then copy in their notebooks. OneNote can work via any internet browser, which means that students can access their work without having to install a special program.

They make a folder for each of their students inside this application and share it with both the parents and the students. Inside the primary folder, they make separate sub-folders for individual lessons. They also upload reading material and sums here. All work done during the lesson is saved here, along with feedback and student’s notes. This means that parents can track their child’s progress by easily accessing all of their work.

During The Lesson

During the IB online tuition, our IB online tutor who takes Physics lessons shares his screen using Zoom to show OneNote so that students can see it in real-time. Inside OneNote, he uploads past papers, videos, images and other documents which he’ll take the students through in the lesson. Our IB online tutor who imparts Math lessons also makes it a point to annotate the uploaded material and saves it in the lesson’s folder.

After The Lesson

After the IB online tuition finishes, all our tutors, including our IB English tutor and online IB Biology tutor, upload homework assignments for relevant lessons. They set deadlines for submission of the assignments and share the feedback for the same with both the student and the parents. This allows both the parties to see the student’s performance at all times.


Our IB Maths and Physics tutors have adapted their teaching style to the available online softwares. They are well aware that keeping things accessible and simple is the best way to engage with the students. They strongly feel that using Zoom and OneNote will help them achieve this goal. They are familiar with the cons of online tutoring. Zoom calls can drop due to unstable connection, but it always reconnects within a matter of a few seconds. The students sometimes mute themselves by mistake, but more or less the class turns out to be a fruitful experience for both the mentor and mentee.

Our online IB English tutor and IB Biology tutor add that they’ve experimented with various platforms. They’ve found that this approach works extremely well for the academy. This hybrid approach of using audiovisual components with textual elements helps auditory and visual learners ace the skill. In their opinion, being constrained by one system poses several disadvantages.

It is imperative for our IB Physics, IB Maths, IB English tutor and online IB Biology tutor to build rapport with the students and make them feel confident in their research and speaking abilities. They recommend that if students, especially teenagers, don’t want to share their video feed, one shouldn’t push them. By sidestepping this issue which has no bearing on the teaching, they insist on making the classroom a safe environment. Our teachers at Baccalaureate Academy feel that online tuition trumps in-person tuition. If you feel the same way, get in touch with our tutors to pave the way for future success.

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