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Online IGCSE tutoring at Baccalaureate Academy is designed with the aim of offering a flexible learning experience for the students so that they can learn from anywhere at any time without any hassle. The online IGCSE tutor is offered in two ways: teaching in groups and teaching In group teaching, a set of students attend from different places at a time, whereas in private teaching, a teacher is dedicated to an individual student. Students who are unable to catch the pace in groups and like to learn individually at their own pace prefer to opt for private teaching. Our teachers take care of every student present in the session.

Benefits of IGCSE Online Tutoring

Is it worth getting a tutor for IGCSE?

Through our online IGCSE tutor programme, hundreds of students have benefited and scored good grades in their IGCSE exams, which helped them get admission to top foreign universities. The internet and smartphones have changed the mode of education, and we are witnessing a drastic increase in online education. Online education has created a common platform for educators, learners, and resource providers. Our online IGCSE tutor provides a flexible learning experience for learners. A learner can attend the online IGCSE tutor class from anywhere at any time and learn in their own style.

IGCSE Online Tutor

The scope of the IGCSE online classes tutor programme is on the rise due to its various advantages. The IGCSE online tutor is changing the way of learning; it allows students who do not find tuition centers nearby where they live to learn. Through our IGCSE online tuition in India, students can learn and manage their time easily. In online education, students learn through virtual video lectures; they can ask questions, interact with their fellow students, take virtual exams, and much more. Through the IGCSE online tutoring programme, students can attend classes from anywhere and watch video lectures anytime and any number of times. It saves you a lot of time as no traveling is needed; it saves you money because you are learning from home, and except for tuition fees, no other fees are involved.


We choose to teach IGCSE tutors online through a leading video-conferencing application available on the market that best suits online tuition for IGCSE classes. While teaching, we follow the same analogy as in traditional classroom teaching; instead, the information displayed is digital. A well-prepared presentation is displayed along with the necessary videos and audio for the online IGCSE tuition. A wide range of learning resources are also made available to the students at their fingertips and can be accessed at any time. They will help them with self-study, clear doubts, and work on assignments and projects. A team of teachers is available during working hours to clear the doubts of the students. A student can ask to clear their doubts any number of times. Regular assessment of the students is done by conducting tests on a weekly and chapter basis. The performance of the student in every test is monitored. Special care is taken for the students who face difficulty understanding the concepts for the first time, and proper guidance is given. Counseling is also done if required.

Need of an IGCSE Tutor


The IGCSE syllabus is vast and requires continuous study and revision. Frequent assessment tests help students identify their weak points. It has been found that students who revise the concepts frequently are the frontrunners. During revision, students may also have doubts and face confusion with the concepts, and that is where the requirement of an IGCSE tutor comes into play. Tutors clear doubts and help solve the problem in a simple way; they guide and show the right path at every step of preparation.

IGCSE Online Coaching Academic Tutoring Features

On our online IGCSE tutor platform, we have tutors who are experts in teaching the IGCSE syllabus, and they come from leading IGCSE schools. All your requirements for tutoring are understood and analysed, and our tutors ensure that your requirements for the online IGCSE tutor are fulfilled and you are satisfied with the learning. Along with the teaching, our tutors regularly carry out assessments and take feedback about the programme in order to understand it better. Students’ weak points are discovered, and more focus is put on them.

IGCSE Tutoring (One to One)

One-to-One online IGCSE tutoring helps students learn at their own pace and in their own way. As not all students are fast learners, some students like to explore the concepts deeply. For those kinds of students, one-on-one IGCSe tutoring is a great platform to learn and excel in their academics. Tutors pay special attention to students and provide full-time support at every preparation stage.