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Our dedicated faculties of Online IGCSE Physics tutors believe in conducting smart learning sessions instead of the tedious chalk and talk sessions of school classes; hence they are accustomed to using highly integrated teaching methods to display slideshows of PPTs, audiovisual lectures and animated videos to make an online session interactive one. We recommend students to attend our demo online IGCSE Physics sessions after which they can decide to opt for a suitable format for themselves. After admission, our highly skilled academic counselor prepares the online study schedule according to the student’s convenience and requirement purpose.

Our flexible online IGCSE Physics tutors are reachable 24/7 through Skype accessible at all devices. Thus, if you are facing issues with your homework or follow disciplined study habits, then approach our online IGCSE Physics tutors who will guide you through your IGCSE syllabus that you don’t find in general school classes. Our expert faculty of Online IGCSE Physics tutors conduct query clearing online sessions after completion of every topic, followed by surprise periodical tests and handing over of assignments on the same to students for a comprehensive assessment that allows our tutors to analyze the self-interpretation skills of a student. The performance of students defines their progress status in such tests and also aims to give a feeling of real-time exam among students. Its objective is to develop the suitable writing skills of answering IGCSE Physics exam question which has a definite pattern. It also enables our Online IGCSE Physics tutors to have a deep insight into the strengths and limitations of the students that require improvement.

With the coming of age technology that has made our life simple like never before, demand for new ideas on research & development of highly integrated technology is also on the rise. Physics, the most sought after branch of science dominating intense research and development of technology is attracting students worldwide. The physics syllabus based on the IGCSE curriculum enables students to understand the technology-oriented world where they live, and the syllabus which has interlinked topics produces an urge in the young minds to take a uniform interest in the subject of Physics dealing with scientific developments. The syllabus consists of the fundamental principles and concepts that form the primary foundation of the subject, some latest research in physics, weighing more on practical skills. As vital functions of life like education and work, went virtual this year during Pandemic-driven Lockdown, the world seems to have come closer upon the digital platform. It simply means online education has gained more popularity than the traditional education system. Thus, along with most schools, several coaching institutes have begun offering its services through online mode irrespective of the curriculum it is affiliated to.

Why choose IGCSE Physics online Tutors at Baccalaureate Academy?

Our IGCSE Physics online tutors at Baccalaureate Academy are selected after a diligent interview the process that examines their Education/Specialization level, experience, proficiency in using Online teaching methods, background, and behavior. IGCSE students taking up Online sessions from our distinguished faculty of IGCSE Physics online tutors, develop efficiency in scientific skills that is compulsory for opting Cambridge International AS & A Level, further education or establish a career-relevant to the subject. Our broad faculty of IGCSE Physics online tutors is thorough with every critical concept, laws, diagrams, theories, and use of complex numerical formulas to solve complex problems of various topics. They provide key tips and tricks to students that help them to solve complicated numerical problems quickly, thus saving time. Our highly experienced faculty of IGCSE Physics online tutors has come across with Online tutoring of students from noted IGCSE schools worldwide. Baccalaureate Academy, which has been a recognized institution of offering Online individual/group coaching sessions to students from schools following International Baccalaureate (IB) & International General Certificate of Secondary Examination (IGCSE) besides Indian local curriculums. We specialize in offering coaching services for Science especially Physics, for which students have highly praised the efforts of our tutors, besides other subjects.

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Our comprehensive faculty of IGCSE online Physics tutors gives real-time examples to explain complex laws and equations from a topic. Practical explanations through experiments and observations have the potential to remain in a student’s consciousness for a long time, helping him to recall the scientific process very easily during the exams. Our IGCSE online Physics tutors believe in sharpening the research skills of our students by conducting practical online sessions at our state of art Physics laboratory.

Moreover, our creative faculty of IGCSE online Physics tutor provides students with customized study materials that consist of revisionary guide notes, model test papers, problem-solving exercises, questionnaires based on previous year question papers that have proven its efficiency in helping students to garner impressive scores in their crucial IGCSE physics exams. Baccalaureate Academy has also a digital option where IGCSE students can access record of exclusive sessions by our IGCSE online Physics tutors in case they have missed or forgot to attend a session but want to recall the information before appearing for their exams, thereby giving them an edge over their peers.

IGCSE Physics Online Tuition

We conduct monthly assessment after one month of IGCSE Physics online tuition for every student to check their performance and learning. This helps our Physics tutors to explore the weaker and stronger chapters of the students. As per the performance of the students, our teachers improve the strategy for the IGCSE Physics online tuition for each student. The progress report is shared by our Online IGCSE Physics tutors with the concerned parents for sure. The query clearing sessions are conducted for encouraging introvert students to speak out their doubts to their Online IGCSE Physics tutors without any hesitation, which is otherwise not possible in a regular classroom session of 40.