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Our extensive faculty of Online IGCSE maths tutors believe in sharpening the fundamentals of every topic relevant to Mathematics. IGCSE Students looking for additional help apart from regular online school sessions will get to learning complex concepts in an interesting process. Our online IGCSE maths tutors will help students in acquiring key problems-solving skills by providing them simple tips & tricks to solve the complex calculations within minutes and improve their marks in each section during real time IGCSE maths exam.The application of tips and tricks provided by our online IGCSE maths tutor to solve complex mathematical problems develops crucial time management skills in students that are not generally done in regular schools sessions.

Our expert online IGCSE maths tutors provide demo online sessions that any student can opt for the first time and then attend one or two classes of 60-90mins each to see the difference in his perception of the subject. Thereby, the student will have sufficient time to grasp the topic taught by our Online IGCSE maths tutors. Our tutors recommend students to practise their online activity of the topic, and revise it before the next class.

Baccalaureate Academy specializes in providing detailed coverage of topics of IGCSE syllabus with a total duration of 40 hours spread across 9 units. The complex formulas, rigid calculations, Patterns and relationships, complicated theorems, confusing numerical etc. in Mathematics has always been challenging and taxing subject for many students regardless of which the curriculum they come from. As Indian students and their parents have been quickly shifting their tilt of interest towards International curriculums like International Baccalaureate (IB) & International General Certificate of Secondary Examination (IGCSE) instead of traditional Indian curriculums like ICSE, CBSE & state educational boards, pacing up with the globally designed syllabus of Science, Indian students are looking for expert assistance for the same who could guide them as to how to prepare themselves for appearing in such exams scoring their way to making a career abroad. As with the outbreak of Covid-19 & regulation of Lockdowns, the world seems to submerge itself into a single virtual platform that has simplified accessibility to education and work making online education a vital part of modern life. Thus, we at Baccalaureate Academy aim to give a head-start to all such students attending online school classes, a powerful command on Numbers, including HCF, LCM, Powers, Roots, and Exponents before your school reopens.

Why choose IGCSE Maths Online Tutors at Baccalaureate Academy?

Our IGCSE maths online tutors at Baccalaureate Academy are selected through intricate interview procedure that focuses on their educational specialization, experience, teaching methods, background and behaviour. Baccalaureate Academy offers Online (individual & group coaching) session for Mathematics to all students through Skype. We recommend introvert IGCSE students to opt for individual Online coaching session so that they can express themselves to our IGCSE maths online tutors without any hesitation. Our trained academic counsellor prepares a study schedule based on the student’s convenience and educational purpose only after discussing it with the parents and the students. Once the student opts for our IGCSE maths online tutoring session at Baccalaureate Academy, he gets access to the exclusive recordings of sessions in case he missed a class. This accessibility to the file from all devices tends to help students to revisit and review the session anytime and anywhere. Our creative faculty of IGCSE maths online tutors are highly experienced in teaching IGCSE students via online from noted IGCSE schools worldwide. They apply highly innovative teaching methods that are aimed to make a tedious Maths session, an interactive one. Our experienced faculty of IGCSE Math online tutors are accustomed to display a slideshow of PPTs for explaining complex concepts and theorems.

Approach adopted by our IGCSE Online Math Tutors


Our comprehensive faculty of IGCSE online math tutors ensure our students to be thorough with each and every topic by giving them at least 25 assignments overall that covers all units. Such assignments serve as a broad assessment of the potential of our students for our IGCSE online math tutors that help them to analyse the strengths and limitations of the students, giving our tutors a deeper insight into the student’s mind that further helps in building a strong and long-lasting rapport between them.

Our highly accomplished faculty of IGCSE online maths tutors conduct periodical tests after completion of every topic, aimed to give a real-time feeling of actual exams to students and also examine the understanding level of the student. The performance of the student’s highlights the progress report of the students, which is shared as a feedback to the concerned parents by our dedicated faculty of IGCSE online maths tutors for sure. Besides, our skilled faculty of IGCSE online maths tutor holds separate query clearing online sessions for every student. Our adept faculty of IGCSE online math tutors provide customized study materials to students which include guide notes, worksheets, and problem-solving exercises, model test papers and questionnaires based on previous year question papers.

IGCSE Maths Online Tuition

Audio Visual lectures, animated videos are some other digital tools used by IGCSE maths online tutors at Baccalaureate Academy during smart IGCSE maths online tuition. Such highly integrated teaching methods are used for IGCSE math online tuition to produce an urge in the minds of aspiring students to learn and research the subject more deeply. Our IGCSE maths online tutor gives real-time examples to explain the relationship concept of complex equations and patterns, which in turn helps in refining the foundation of the subject among the students. Thus, students learn to comprehend on how to communicate with reason by implying mathematical laws.