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Baccalaureate Academy offers an online IGCSE English tutoring program for IGCSE students. Our online IGCSE English tutors are native as well as non-native speakers and can teach both English language and English literature. The IGCSE English language focuses on the learners to develop the ability to communicate clearly and accurately while speaking and writing. English is one of the languages that are spoken by the majority of the people in the world. It the official language of most organizations. People from different countries use it to communicate including in business, commerce, education, etc. The IGCSE students who come from developing countries are not native speakers of English and face difficulty in grasping the rules of grammar.

IGCSE which stands for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education is a two-year program which is certified by the University of Cambridge. The certificate is recognized globally, and the program is built with an intention to build a foundation for higher-level courses like AS and A level and the IB Diploma. In Year 11, students get exposed to at least seven to nine subjects in one session. The subjects that are offered in IGCSE schools are art & design, biology, chemistry, computer science, combined science, coordinated sciences, English language, English literature, geography, German, history, mathematics, physics, Spanish.

The online IGCSE English tutors will train students to learn how to use a wide range of vocabulary, correct grammar, and correct spelling and punctuations. Students will get an idea of how to construct a beautiful sentence with their unique style along with their awareness of the ways in which English can be used. Later their way of learning will also improve their communication skills effectively. Our online IGCSE English tutor will follow a program that balances a thorough knowledge and understanding of a subject. The outcome of this program is to make students develop skills needed in their higher education and at a place of employment. In fact, students will get a solid foundation of English grammar.

The IGCSE English literature explores students on a range of drama, prose, and poetry from the works of many noble works of literature of English. Understanding these works requires a skill that most of the IGCSE students may not be aware of but these advanced skills can be developed hassle-free with the help of our online IGCSE English tutors if the students dedicate their passion towards the learning. In the end, students will develop the necessary skills to grasp every sentence of English that involves advanced grammar.

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We are one of the best online tutoring platforms

We offer online tutoring from both the native and non-native speakers

Our programs are unique, well planned and effective

All our online IGCSE English tutors are toped rated, experienced, and have depth knowledge in the subject.

We have a good track in online tutoring with a success rate of more than 95 percent

A flexible learning experience where students will learn at their comfort and pay only for what they choose to learn.

Why should students not ignore IGCSE English?

English is one of the widely spoken and taught literature subjects in the world. The world communicates in English. Most of the books, journals are printed and published in English. The cross-border business communication happens in English. There is a lot of difference between scoring good marks and grasping forever. Scoring good marks cannot always make you a skilled English speaker, a constant focus and dedication is required to learn. One cannot simply ignore the essence of English which is a basic requirement for all employment opportunities. Keeping this in mind we have recruited the best online IGCSE English tutors to help young IGCSE students to make them future-ready