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Our broad faculty of Online IGCSE Chemistry tutors provide key tips and tricks to students to remember the most important basics of Chemistry i.e. The Periodic Table. Our creative faculty of Online IGCSE Chemistry tutors believe that unlike other science subjects, diagrams in Chemistry too requires dedicated practice. Our committed faculty of Online IGCSE Chemistry tutors provides customized study materials to students that include revisionary guide notes, model test exercises, questionnaires based on previous year question papers, not easily available in the mainstream market.

These study materials have proven useful for our students to a great extent during their revisions before IGCSE Chemistry exams. In fact, Baccalaureate Academy has designed an option where files containing key images and recordings of exclusive coaching sessions by our Online IGCSE Chemistry tutors can be accessed anytime by our students in case they missed out on something.

Thus, they explain the relevant chemical diagrams with the help of smart online teaching methods like displaying slideshows of PPTs, animated videos, audio-visual voice chat etc. to engage the focus of their Online students towards the topic. Our dedicated faculties of Online IGCSE chemistry tutors explain the merits and demerits of real-life applications of Chemistry by giving real-time examples that create and urge among the students to learn and research the Chemistry topic, indirectly inducing students to take up further studies and build a career with the subject.

With the advent of the software revolution in research and development, highly integrated technology has emerged in every sector. This has accelerated the demand for flawless aspect of modern lifestyle.

Chemistry is a research oriented and most interesting subject of Science dealing with complex chemical processes, equations, formulas, the heavy definition of laws, confusing terms from Vocabulary lists for metals or important chemical reactions. Its major contribution to research and development has led to the opening up of promising career opportunities around the world. The International curriculums like International Baccalaureate (IB) & International General Certificate of Secondary Examination (IGCSE) focuses on Science subjects like Chemistry more deeply compared to traditional Indian curriculums like ICSE, CBSE & state educational boards. The reason why many Indian students today, can be seen favoring for IB and IGCSE curriculums more than Indian curriculums. The IGCSE syllabus is specifically designed to help Diaspora students to opt for the relevant science subject for their further studies and build up a career overseas.

Learn with our IGCSE Online Chemistry Tutors

Thus, several schools in India affiliated to International curriculums have emerged in the last few years. The objective of our IGCSE chemistry syllabus is to develop a fundamental interpretation of the technicalities of chemistry. Hence, Baccalaureate Academy is offering live and exclusive Online IGCSE chemistry coaching session at an affordable fee in Individual/Group format through Skype, the most accessible digital platform in any mobile device. The study schedule is prepared according to the student’s convenience by our skilled academic counselor, after a detailed discussion with parents and students. Our IGCSE online Chemistry tutors are selected through an elaborate interview process that focuses on their education/specialization level, Experience in teaching the curriculum, proficiency in online teaching methods, background, and behavior. Our extensive faculty of IGCSE online Chemistry tutors has adopted highly integrated and interactive teaching methods to evolve in-depth knowledge on principles of chemistry and their building a powerful foundation of the sub-branches of the subject like Organic, Inorganic and General Chemistry. Our highly specialized faculty of IGCSE online Chemistry tutors have a wide experience in teaching IGCSE students from noted IGCSE schools worldwide through Online mode.

Our highly experienced faculties of IGCSE online Chemistry tutors conduct Online Practical classes to explain specific chemical reactions in our highly advanced Chemistry lab at Baccalaureate Academy. It helps students to sharpen research and logical skills by encouraging them to practice the relevant topics through experiments and observe its result. Thus, the observation of every experiment has something new for the student to learn every time. Thereby our IGCSE online Chemistry tutors help students to adopt a rational approach for solving chemical problems, notably determining numerical problems based on complicated chemical laws and balancing complex chemical equations.

Merits of IGCSE Chemistry Online Tutoring at Baccalaureate Academy


Our accomplished faculty of IGCSE Chemistry online tutors conducts periodical surprise tests at regular intervals after completion of every topic in the subject. The performance of the student in such tests highlights his merits and limitations that further give an insight to our tutors, on the student’s grasping potential. The questions framed in the tests by our expert faculty of IGCSE Chemistry online tutors are specially designed according to the latest IGCSE question paper pattern, so as to give a real-time feeling of actual IGCSE Chemistry exam questions which aim to drive away the nervousness of our students. Regular feedback on the student’s progress level is provided to the parents by our tutors.

Our adept faculty of IGCSE Chemistry online tutors stays updated with the latest IGCSE question paper pattern and teaches their students to answer a particular question in a definite style that would earn them the topmost grades. Candidates who achieve grades A* to C are completely prepared to pursue a wide variety of courses including Cambridge International AS & A-Level Chemistry. Our enthusiastic and energetic team of IGCSE Chemistry online tutors hold special query solving sessions for students after completion of topics to ensure the perfect guidance, enabling an introvert student to speak out their mind more.