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Our comprehensive faculty of Online IB Physics tutors is highly experienced professionals who have excelled in offering the best online tuitions at an affordable fee. Physics as it seems to many students is a complex subject that is interesting but difficult if fundamentals are not clear. Therefore, it is very much necessary to clear the fundamental concept of physics for scoring the best grades at the IB Physics exam. As we do for other science subjects, we at Baccalaureate Academy offer the best online coaching classes for Physics to students finding additional guidance apart from the regular school classes. Physics needs a clear interpretation of complicated theories and formulae. If a student has clearly understood the fundamental concepts, he can quickly solve complex calculations managing time for longer answers in the exam.

IB Physics Online Tutors

Our group of IB Physics online tutors emphasize on explaining the fundamental concepts of important theories and laws from Day1. Baccalaureate Academy also offers free demo classes on Physics that is recommended for students who wish to opt for it. Once the student is satisfied with the first demo class, our expert academic counselor shall prepare a personalized time table suited best to the student. Our online coaching classes are scheduled as per the convenience of the students and as it is evident Online Physics classes tend to save a lot of time for our students that otherwise gets wasted in traveling. This initiative has been taken by Baccalaureate Academy to allow those students to take advantage of getting expert guidance from our avid faculty of tutors, who otherwise cannot reach out to them because of geographical constraints. Hence, our pro-IB tutors of Physics will reach out to you via one to one lesson or on a group lesson (whichever you opt for), through the easy and handy app – Skype at your preferred time.

As Physics is a core subject of pure science, it needs foremost hard work possible from your end. Thus, a student who finds this important subject difficult, Baccalaureate Academy recommends him to opt for one-to-one or individual coaching class as it will help the student to be more vocal of his queries. In a group online session as well, our highly skilled professional tutors for Physics HL/SL will regularly offer to take separate classes for solving queries and doing revisions for those topics. Our IB Physics online tutors are highly specialized in this subject and highly updated with the latest IB syllabus for physics. Thus, any small change in the curriculum or in the pattern of the question papers, our Online Physics tutors for Physics will inform their students and guide them accordingly. Our tutors stress more on practical learning for the complex subjects like Physics because we believe that regular classes can be tedious and repetitive at times. But live practical sessions tend to be more interactive with students who will observe the results of assigned experiments by themselves and remember it for a long time. Therefore, online practical lessons of IB Physics taken up by our trained IB teachers ensure our aspiring students become more thorough and sharper with the conceptual science subject.

IB Physics HL and SL Online Tutors


Some important chapters that include topics that are common to both HL/SL level Physics like Measurements and Uncertainties, Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Waves, Electricity and Magnetism, Circular Motion and Gravitation, Atomic, Nuclear and Particle Physics constitutes the basic level of physics and has been allotted with an equal time period in both SL/HL courses. Every sub-topic necessitates students to have a crystal-clear understanding of the complex theories, laws, formulae as these will have related and more detailed topics at a higher level. Our experienced tutors have adopted highly integrated and distinct approach of teaching to explain the difficult concepts of Physics with live examples which facilitates the students to be attentive and more interactive thereby generating interest in the student’s mind who finds the topics dull and difficult.

IB Online Physics Tutors

Our specialized IB Online Physics tutors assess the performance of each of their students through regular tests and assignments given at frequent intervals. Our Online faculties of tutors teach a topic thoroughly and clear the queries of the students in a separate query clearing session. Thereafter, our tutors prepare question papers based on the current IB pattern that covers the overall topic taught earlier. It is upon the students now to give the crisp and correct answer in the test and score the best grades. Thus, it is easier for the tutor to understand the progress level of the student based on his performance in the test. Our IB physics tutors share the progress report of the students with the parents regularly.

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Our IB Physics online tutor provides exclusive study notes that are not easily available in the market. As stated earlier, our teachers’ assess the performance of the students based on the tests assignments to not only know the level of understanding of the student but also the strengths and weaknesses of the students in particular topics that enable the tutors to prepare notes and change their style of teaching accordingly. Like offline tutors our IB physics online tutor also conducts extensive practice sessions of problems based on past question papers and solved test papers based on current IB curriculum. Thus, our online IB tutors leave no stone unturned and put their best efforts to teach the students according to the IB curriculum and set standards.

Baccalaureate Academy holds the belief that if students put their best efforts and score best grades in IB exams, it will help them to pursue higher studies based on the crucial science subject at a leading recognized university abroad. Thus, studying physics under a trained IB tutor is the first a stepping-stone towards building a possibility for a promising & settled career abroad in the future.