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Our Online IB English Tutors have spoken to many students about their IB English papers both HL & SL. Everyone knows the fact that English is the most commonly used business language. It plays a key role in uplifting the growth of an individual’s career and society. Most students in the USA & other English speaking countries find it really simple because English is their first language. While students from countries like India whose first language is not English, find it difficult to learn especially when it is a part of their IB curriculum. IB syllabus for English Literature and language tends to be difficult more than the traditional ICSE syllabus.

IB curriculum intricately focuses on the language more than Indian educational boards because it is an international board whose objective is to offer international level education to students who wish to make a career abroad.

Baccalaureate Academy constitutes a group of highly qualified online IB English Tutors experienced in teaching at some noted IB schools worldwide, helping students to enhance their grades through our successful Online English tutoring sessions at Skype, an easily available digital platform by which students can reach out for assistance 24/7 regardless of distance-related constraints. Our effective online English classrooms are available for individual and group learning. Demo sessions can be opted by IB students to have a first-time learning experience from our pro-Online IB English tutors.

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Baccalaureate Academy selects its panel of IB English online tutors after a rigorous process of selection. We focus upon their teaching experience at various schools affiliated with the IB curriculum and the unique methods of teaching they adopt. Our comprehensive faculties of accomplished Online IB English tutors are thorough with the IB HL & SL English syllabus thus they distinguish features of the IB curriculum and assessment models on the Higher Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL) English. It simplifies the work for students.

IB Higher level (HL) English requires a minimum of 240 class hours, while standard level study requires a minimum of 150 class hours

Students study 13 works at a higher level and 9 works at the standard level from a representative selection of literary forms, periods, and places

Students grow the capacity to engage with elaborate analysis of literary works, brushing up their understanding of the techniques involved in literary criticism

The study of literary works in context is stressed upon in IB HL English, and by the assessment of literature, translation poses a challenge for the student to write on the part of cultural assumptions in interpretation.

Students are assessed through a combination of formal examination and viva and written paper module.

The official examination constitutes of two essay papers, one dealing with the analysis of a passage of new literary text, and the other comparative response to a question based on two works

Students also give a viva presentation of presenting their detailed analysis on two works

HL students imply with an extra written syllabus which consists of writing a 1200 – 1500 word essay on one of the works studied

Our IB English Online Tutors divide the routine into 2 steps to facilitate real-time IB English exam

1. Scrutinizing the pattern of question paper
2. Writing the answers in a correct pattern

IB English curriculum is mostly study based. Our tutors uphold that students must deliver more time to read the paper. Look through all the sections A, B, C, and D properly and compare and contrast their text in your mind. The major part; writing your answers in an essay. Before beginning the framing of your essay, one key point should always be remembered. Simple writing is the key to good writing. Our group of Online IB English Tutors advises you to use suitable, relevant, and meaningful words in your text. The below-mentioned points are the format recommended to write an essay for IB HL/SL English.

1. The purpose of writing
2. Relevant theme
3. Tone used
4. Structure of the text

IB Online English Tutors for MYP

IB Online English Tutors for MYP across the world consider there are two fundamentals for superior knowledge of English that is achieved from perfect vocabulary while the potential to forming of words into sentences comes from a detailed knowledge of grammar. Our broad faculty of experienced IB Online English tutors at Baccalaureate Academy encourages students to read newspapers, magazines, books, and online articles to sharpen their grammar. Our Online IB English tutors ask students to write all unfamiliar words on a paper and check its meanings along with synonyms. Understanding the meaning and synonyms helps students to form new sentences every time and memorize the words forever.

Our Online IB English tutors urge students to practice workbooks as much as possible, especially, SAT workbooks. Our tutors provide their students with customized study materials that include workbooks, guide notes, test materials, questionnaires based on previous year question papers. Besides, our highly skilled online IB English tutors understand that persistent classroom sessions might become tedious at times, thus they implement innovative teaching methods to make the one-to-one/ group online classroom session an interactive one; which allows students to speak out their mind. Separate query solving sessions are conducted after completion of every topic. Our IB online English tutors hold surprise tests that determine the progress status of a student and helps our tutors to have a deeper insight into the student’s potential. Our IB online English tutors share their feedback over the student’s progress report regularly with the concerned parents.