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Baccalaureate Academy selects efficient Online IB Biology tutors, after a thorough, rigorous and smart selection process. Our highly skilled online IB Biology tutors focus on new and innovative teaching strategies for students that produce an interest in the minds of students who are weak in the vital science subject. Our online IB Biology tutors excel in recreating diagrams that form a key part of Biology, to boost the flawless conceptual preparation of their students in the subject.

Online tutoring has grown in popularity like never before. In this Pandemic driven year, when most schools are closed due to shutdown, education still continues. Thus, the students are studying at home from this innovative and convenient method easily. Even those students, who are to appear for crucial exams, are relying on Online coaching classes for most subjects. As many students who find it difficult to attend their regular private coaching classes as a result of restriction on movement outside, Online Tutoring has emerged as a boon for them. More so for the IB students who are in search of effective tutors for Core science subjects like Biology that tends to be difficult without separate guidance apart from regular school sessions.

Biology deals with the study of how life develops survive and change. It imparts the key knowledge about the interaction of cells with organs and organisms, environment, and ecosystem to our children from the very beginning which is compulsory to know. Especially, how various organs and system works on the human body and how our surrounding is associated with our body. It is an important subject for a medical perspective that involves recognizing the disease and its cure. Thus, knowledge of Biology helps to lay a superior environment for all living beings to live in. Thus, like Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, Biology is also a very important subject that requires special attention apart from regular school classes.

Therefore, Baccalaureate Academy has come up with Online tuition for IB Biology to satisfy your learning interests that we prefer to expand everywhere in India and worldwide. Baccalaureate Academy understands the fact that complex definitions, concepts, and complex biological processes of the IB syllabus need to be explained in an in-depth and clear proficiency. Hence, we recommend you to opt for online classes from our expert IB Biology Tutors.

IB Online Biology Tutor for SL & HL

Our extensive faculty of IB Online Biology tutors concentrates upon successful approach-based learning, interacting with unique ideas, excelling through flexible minds. Our Academy is well-equipped with all the latest & state of art technology to conduct online sessions for Biology available for one-on one/ group sessions for students.

Our IB Online Biology tutors with their ingenious learning approach, allow IB students to easily understand the major hypothesis forming the fundamental foundation of Biology, bringing opportunities for students to develop logical and synergetic insight. Hence IB Biology tutors at Baccalaureate Academy offer IB oriented built-in courses and study the framework i.e. HL& SL which are large yet balanced as completed within the targeted time, concepts, and correlated besides being precisely set for.

IB Biology Online Tutors for Diploma


Our comprehensive faculty of IB Biology online tutors carefully determines the performance of every student through our in-built assessment and frequent periodical tests were taken after completion of every topic, for preparing the assignment and assessment questions, we have an adaptable team specialized in it. The scores earned by the students enable our Online IB Biology tutors to have a deeper understanding of the student’s strengths and drawbacks. Thereby our Online IB Biology Tutors conduct separate query clearing sessions for the specific topics and solve the doubts of each student. We ensure through our interactive online biology sessions, that the students understand and associate themselves with the conceptual understanding of the question paper patterns and answering styles of the IB Board. The ultimate idea of Baccalaureate Academy is to stick to the practical teaching aspect and adhering strictly to routine time-table prepared by our counselors that helps students to sharpen their time management and disciplinary skills.

Online IB Biology Tutor for MYP

Our highly trained Online IB Biology tutors for MYP curriculum have substantial experience in teaching IB students from recognized IB schools worldwide. From the very beginning itself, our Online IB biology tutors have been known to build a rapport with their students and encouraged them to empower their knowledge on the subject according to the IB curriculum. Our IB biology tutors believe in holding sessions for students to solve previous year question papers regularly. This practice helps the students to a great extent in getting a feeling of the real-time IB exams. Our Online IB biology tutors stay in touch with the parents regularly and update the progress of the students from time to time. Our Online IB Biology tutors provide self-made study materials that include questionnaires, solved test papers, guide notes, etc. that are customized to the student’s preferences.

Mock Papers by Our IB Biology Online Tutor

Our IB Biology online tutor conducts mock tests that are convenient to the check student’s learnings and performances. Our live online classes of Biology are available on Skype for 24hrs. Online Biology Sessions by our exceptionally trained online IB Biology tutors solve the distance-related constraint that most students face while traveling for classes at the center. Our sessions for Online IB Biology at Baccalaureate Academy are scheduled after an elaborate discussion with the students & their parents. Our adept Online IB Biology tutors use powerful slide shows to explain complex diagrams that form one of the most important parts of the subject. The interesting slideshows facilitate the students to understand and practice the diagrams which are crucial plus scoring in IB exams.