Exploring IB Career Options

Being a high school student, you have several subjects to study and growing extracurricular activities to concentrate upon, but it is high time for you to think about your career choices. This is the most suitable time for students to plan for their future because once they go for graduation; they won’t have time left to rethink on their options. Thus, people who do not think about their career options at an early stage of their life, lose them interest in the later jobs which they get and become weary of it frequently thus restricting their future prospects.

Along with this, learning skills which will enhance your employment skills and prepare you for the competitive job market will set your chances of clinching the job that you want. So yes, an early start is a win-win for you!

Here are some key tips that high school students should keep in mind if they want to enhance their chances of getting a job after graduating

1) Envision your dream, explore on your ideal career

Everyone around you might be planning to become a doctor or an engineer. But you don’t have to do the same if you have no interest in these fields if you have the privilege to make choices based on your interests, then use that privilege and do something that will actually make you happy! Does the work seem meaningful to you? Do you have other options available as well? Will the job pay your bills? Is there scope for progress in the field? These are some of the questions you need to find answers of.

Find something that you are actually interested in. This world is an ocean filled with ample opportunities. You can see so many different types of jobs and careers in a wide variety of industries. If you are still confused, then go for an internship. This will help you to get the lay of the land while giving you an edge over your counterparts where experience is concerned. What all you need is to examine the different options available to you and take out the one which you find to be the best for you. But, remember one thing, right now you have enough time to decide carefully with your career making choice. So, even if you are fairly sure of a career choice, take the time to explore some more career perspectives which can acknowledge your skills and prospects in a better way. Observe your likes and dislikes and take a few career-assessment tests. Never let any obstacles holding you back from searching the perfect career for you.

2) Seek work /volunteer experiences & stay updated

There are innovations and developments happening in every field every month. Make sure that you subscribe to magazines and journals which focus on such developments. Follow established professionals and CEOs on social media and watch YouTube videos on recent developments to stay on top of things.

At the same time, acquaint yourself with basic technological knowledge. Believe us; you need that to survive – Microsoft Office and email manners. Recently, there have been a growing number of internship opportunities for high-school students where they can have real work experience. Working in a professional environment can get you the better idea of whether you should pursue the same career in the future or need to have some alternatives. Moreover, from a practical standpoint, work experience looks good on college applications and on future job applications or resumes. You can look for a part-time job at a local newspaper to write columns or blogs for it that may enhance your writing and communication skills.

3) Do not let your career plans bump upon your school grades

Try to utilize your learning time, but don’t delude yourself. High school time is the best to push yourself towards the goals and challenges that accompany it when you are already taking the difficult and tight schedule of classes. Obviously, you need to stay attentive on getting good grades, but don’t let your schedule make you sick or exhausted. Ensure to include at least one fun course in your schedule. Also, the summer vacations are the best to diversify your knowledge by taking the brief career-oriented courses which can prove to be quite helpful in the future.

Start reading up self-help books on workplace communication and prepare yourself for interviews by watching YouTube videos on the same. Work on how you present yourself and read articles about how to be more persuasive by altering one’s body language.

Most schools don’t teach the art of negotiation to their students. But this skill is crucial to his/her financial success if he/she chooses to be a salaried professional in a capitalist economy!

Additionally, it’s important that you equip yourself with strategies that will enhance your mental and physical health. Along with a well-paying job comes excessive stress and work pressure. Learn to meditate or enroll yourself for activities which will help you to reduce stress whenever the going gets tough.

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