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Baccalaureate Academy

Baccalaureate Academy offer IGCSE tutors for the student studying IGCSE curriculum of grade ninth and tenth. We offer a world-class learning experience to the student through our IGCSE tutor program and help them to score high grades in the exam. Scoring high grades in the exam boost their confidence and increase their ability to learn more. The overall good grades help them to easily enter in the leading colleges and universities of the world. Since the IGCSE program is for the students who are still growing mentally and physically, it is necessary to teach them in a proper way so that they will not feel burden rather they enjoy the learning of concepts.

Interactive Educational Resources

IGCSE Tutoring made simple at Baccalaureate Academy

We have made the IGCSE tutor program simple unlike others and mainly focus on concept-based learning. Concept-based learning gives a thorough knowledge of the subject. Our tutors carry out IGCSE tutoring in a simple and friendly manner and interact more with the students and always get them involved in the session. All the concepts that look complex as per textbook methods are taught in a simple method. There are multiple ways to find the solution to a problem and our tutors choose the easiest and simple one to make the student understand better. Our teaching environment is also friendly and best suited to learn, we only enroll students for IGCSE tutor who are serious about their studies and this builds a strong team for the learning session. Students naturally get motivated by each other, they clear their doubts within themselves, talk on betterment and future, discuss ideas.

IGCSE Tutor (One on One)

At Baccalaureate Academy there is no compromise in the quality of the teaching. Therefore, we provide one on one IGCSE tutor for each student for the required subject. We have picked the best tutors for the IGCSE tutor and assign only those who are capable to transfer the knowledge in an efficient manner. A teaching structure is framed by the experts after a lot of research and we at IGCSE tutor try to teach more simple and effective methods so that the students grasp the concepts easily. Our main motto is learning without the burden and to be the world’s best tutoring platform. With the passage of time, we are constantly adapting ourselves with the latest tools and techniques to make the teaching session amazing.

Learning resources

We understand that only textbooks and notes may not be useful in grasping the concept of IGCSE, some concepts have to be taught in a practical way. Usually, the student feels maths and science are hard to understand because it involves more theoretical concepts that are not seen in the real world. But making them understand by some practical demonstration will drag their attention and make them understand things better and they will be able to implement the same in the real world. We have a science and maths lab where we demonstrate the experiment related to it, 3D models of the geometric figures dragged more attention to learn. Complex math and science problems are taught in smart classroom sessions through videos and animations in our IGCSE tutor program.

Satisfaction guaranteed


Our IGCSE tutors thrive hard to deliver 100% for the satisfaction of the student. Our learning is flexible, and we try to adjust along with the student for effective learning. In our IGCSE tutor program, every student is allowed to learn and explore at their own pace, no matter where they start but the ultimate finish is after success. We regularly take feedback from the students to identify any gap between teaching and learning. Regular assignments are given to the student in order to check the active participation in the studies. Students can get doubts at any time and our teaching staff is available anytime within the working hours in order to clear their doubts and enhance their learning experience.