IGCSE Structure


Baccalaureate Academy

The program in IB Schools also highlights creativity, victory, and service, and scholars must thorough necessities in all these areas, comprising communal service. Scholars are reinvigorated to think analytically about how they obtain knowledge and evaluate the quality of the info they are given. They are motivated to think independently and propel their own learning. Students from PYP (Primary Year Program) and MYP (Middle Year Program) outclass in various areas. Scholars from DP (Diploma Program) get acknowledged in the highest ranking universities around the world.

Student Engagement in Classroom


The programs are designed such that it absorbs national and international research as well numerous schools are occupied with IB, meaning all scholars bestow in the demanding educational program, whereas other schools propose scholars the choice of registering as a full IB diploma applicant or, they can merely take a choice of IB courses and not the complete IB syllabus, which would provide them a flavor of the IB program but not make them certified for the IB diploma. In modern years, IB programs have grown up, and IB schools are increasing in all the countries. Schoolchildren and parents are interested in the worldwide nature of these programs and their compact preparation of scholars to be in an international world in which cross-cultural understanding and language expertise are acute. Furthermore, professionals have quoted the high distinction of IB programs, and the programs are appraised for their grade control and the responsibility towards their students and instructors. Students passing out from IB schools are able to engage with people worldwide and cordially.


Baccalaureate Academy provides highly experienced IB Maths tutor in Delhi NCR & online teacher for students of IB And IGCSE, We have a very dedicated team of full-time math tutors at our Gurgaon center who can provide excellent tutoring at our center, or as a home tutor or through online tuition. Our Math tutors are experts in this subject and have been teaching math to the students of IBin Delhi & Gurgaon. They all are well trained having an affluent degree in Mathematics and carry several years of IB teaching experience. The chief advantage with our teachers is that they all have the very strong academic background and have an excellent understanding of IB maths criteria which help the student to prepare for his/her final exam as per IB guideline. Plus, they all teach exclusively for IB and IGCSE only. So, they know exactly how to make an easy approach to the concepts and explain the students’ complex formulae easily so they can earn a good grade in IB exam. Another benefit is that our IB math tutors possess the updated information of questions during the trending period. They share their knowledge according to the current syllabus and will keep the students informed with most minor changes within the course of IB and IGCSE mathematics. Thus, they are always abreast with the latest developments and carry them up to date information on IB Math & IGCSE Math.

Doubtlessly, our mathematics teachers are the best when as we not only clear concepts we also provide suitable assignments for each topic and after completion of the topic, we provide assessment so that students can revise with the solved papers prepared by our trainers. We highlight the grey areas of the student by taking a topic wise assessment and work on those grey areas. The teachers provide online & offline tuitions.


The Chemistry in IGCSE is very much part of Practical day to day subject, but also complements the material on Communication Skills as part of the Learning approach. The Core of our teaching methodology is to make the students attain self-confidence by insisting in them the basic fundamentals of the subject, matching the basic memorandum of International Baccalaureate.

Based on the criterion of the prescribed board, we put our best efforts in innovating student-friendly teaching methodology extracting the absolute result. Our Academy encompasses of scholars, well-experienced, owning superb skills of teaching & molding students with easy to remember interpretations of equations & chemical formulas. We have an expert team of IGCSE Chemistry faculties extending out all over DELHI, GURGAON & NOIDA. All our IGCSE Chemistry faculties are well-equipped with the syllabus criterion and guess the students to their needs. We, focus on the practical understandings of our students through a regular assignment on various topics and overcoming their drawbacks thus offering them the perfect solution to it.

We cast the students to develop interests and independence of this practical subject, providing guidance in all categories as such HL, SL and many more through the various depth of teaching from our scholars.

We provide tutors at your door-step and accomplished centers along with Online Mode too.


IGCSE Physics tutors are the largest Tutor’s organization with more than 500 and experienced & expert tutors. IB aims to help students around the world to achieve their educational goals. Tutors understand the merit and weaknesses of each student who face issues in particular areas in order to resolve it. Tutors keep the track of students’ progress and also keep parents aware about it. We are constantly innovating to make our methods of studies and processes better so that students perform well in their exams. Our tutors not only provide home tuitions but also proper guidance and support to students so that they can achieve set goals.


The Biology in IGCSE is a subject exhaustive of measuring, sampling and memorizing facts. Studying the needs of each and every student, we have modified our teaching methodology, making the students gain interest in the subject in them and encouraging in them the prescribed curriculum standards of International Baccalaureate. We are well resourced, almost in all the lessons, providing planned guidance through our different resourced guidelines to our students.

Our teachers IGCSE Biology tutor ensure along with the core of their service teaching, to help students for an upcoming test or help them catch up something they have missed out. Our scheme of teaching methodology focuses in helping the students juggle the topics in correspondence with the syllabus. Our academy adheres to the pragmatic scheme of teaching order with a keen emphasis on Lab practicals and complex experiments.

We keep a track of the students’ progress through our flexible IGCSE Biology assignment and IB Biology assessment track methodology at regular intervals. Our teaching methodology also includes the application of factual knowledge with the exempli gratia. We construct the interests of the students to understand the key issues in the Nature of Science guiding them from the core.

We provide IGCSE Biology tutors at your doorstep, as well as at our well-furnished centers also we make online classes through our IB/IGCSE Biology online tutor much convenient through our online takeaway (Skype and Virtual classroom).


IGCSE English, a subject which delves to its depth, aspiring to achieve a level of communication ideal for the common language, forming a base to move further appealing to its study. A subject designed for learners, a skilled developer concerning awareness of the audience being addressed. It is much of the kind checking in itself ability of effective and accurate communication with better reading and writing approach.

With teaching plan, we through this course invigorate the learners explore a wider range of universal issues, promoting learners better understating of themselves and of the surrounding they are going to work in the future. We guide the students to develop skills much required for further studies and employment abroad. We develop in them the general analysis and communication skills such as synthesis, interference, accent and the ability to order facts and present opinions effectively.

We, encumber our guidance through regular vocational development assignments provided by our teaching faculties stimulate the students inner ability of public speaking and polishing them for a better outcome in communication skills.

IB GLOBAL ACADEMY pooled up with definitely skilled scholars enhance with the best sustainable skills making them gain interests for the subject throughout, making them excel in every aspect of it. Our academy is known for its accomplished educational instructors, delivering undeterred performance by our pupils. Our institution provides service which includes home tuition, classes at our well-distinguished centers and through Online Mode.