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IGCSE Physics tutors at Baccalaureate Academy possesses comprehensive experience in teaching Physics to a variety of students from noted IGCSE schools in India and abroad. Physics Students in The Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Examination) syllabus learn to elucidate energy and matter, the fundamental causes that led to the formation of the Universe. The globally recognized curriculum introduces students to a variety of spellbinding phenomena and comes across a series of explanations dealing with the contemporary state of art technologies growing like never before in the world where they live. Such vital theories and its explanations of an interesting phenomenon, prompt students to form a uniform interest in the major subject of Science and scientific developments.

Students learn a wide range of laws in Physics to assess and interpret the merits and demerits of the scientific and technological revolution brought by it. But, sometimes several students seek additional help apart from their regular classroom sessions to understand the complexities of the subject. This is where Baccalaureate Academy appears before you. We excel in offering IGCSE Physics coaching sessions that have proven successful for many students.

Baccalaureate Academy selects its faculty of IGCSE Physics tutors after thoroughly assessing their Education level, background, teaching methods, and experience in teaching students from IGCSE affiliated schools worldwide. The selection process tends to be a rigorous one as our objective is to provide our students with a long-lasting study experience by the most proficient IGCSE Physics tutors ever available. And we can help but mention that Baccalaureate Academy has succeeded in its objective by far to date. Hence, we recommend every student who finds it difficult to learn Physics, can approach us at once without further delay and find themselves getting the best scores in IGCSE exams and exploring the seamless opportunities offered by Physics.

IGCSE Physics Tutor (One to One)

Our expert faculty of IGCSE Physics tutor advises one-to-one or individual coaching sessions for those students who have been finding it difficult to understand the subject but aim to perform much better in their exams and garner impressive scores.

The IGCSE syllabus covers General Physics, that includes Length, Time, Mass and Weight, Density, Forces, Work, Pressure, Momentum, and Scalars and Vectors; Thermal Physics, which includes Simple Kinetic Molecular Mass and Thermal Processes; Properties of Waves, that comprises of Light, Sound, and the Electromagnetic Spectrum; Electricity and Magnetism that deals with Simple Phenomenon of Magnets, Electromagnetic Effects, Electrical, and Digital Circuits; and Atomic Physics, that further comprises of topics like Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity. IGCSE students need to deeply study the above topics in detail as having a powerful foundation on it will help students to take up the subject easily in their further studies or establish a career in the related field abroad.

Our extensive faculty of IGCSE Physics tutor provides Private/home (Individual & group) coaching (Delhi NCR and Gurgaon) besides 24/7 Online (Individual & group) sessions to students looking desperately for expert guidance anywhere in India. Students can also opt for group coaching sessions if they want, but we advise introvert students to opt for Private/home individual coaching sessions as it will help them to interact with our IGCSE Physics tutors without any hesitation, a key factor required to solve their doubts regarding a specific topic.

IGCSE Physics Tuition


The objective of Baccalaureate Academy is to impart a well-organized body of evolving scientific knowledge and skills relevant to IGCSE Physics tuition besides encouraging students to develop a sense of appreciation for the practical nature of Physics. Our highly experienced IGCSE Physics tutors empower sharp and in-depth understanding of the theoretical ideas suggested by top physicists and leading students through all aspects of every key topic covered in the syllabus. This approach entitles our students to choose, arrange, and present clear and coherent information in their answers, applying relevant scientific terms and protocols.

Our proficient IGCSE Physics tutors know the deepest detail of every topic they teach and also research additional information on it to share it with their students. The additional knowledge imparted to our students by our IGCSE Physics tutors proves useful in learning research related topics that are studied in detail conducting experimentation at our highly advanced laboratory. Solving complex numerical implying different laws and formulas is something that a student must be completely through with.

Our IGCSE Physics tutors have adopted customized teaching approaches from time to time, depending on the student’s learning and grasping potential. Interactive sessions help to develop an understanding and coordination between the students and tutors that are compulsory for building a healthy studying habit. Interactive coaching sessions by our IGCSE Physics tutors comprise of understanding of topics through slide shows, video lectures, audiovisual presentations, and interpretation of topics through real-life examples especially those which require students to practice complicated problems by using time management skills are focused consistently by our tutors.

Separate query clearing sessions for the students are often conducted by our IGCSE Physics tutors after completion of every topic. Our highly skilled IGCSE Physics tutors hold regular tests and handle assignments to students ensuring a flawless understanding of the Physics topic. Our IGCSE Physics tutors stay updated with the latest syllabus, marking pattern, and answering styles informed to students helping them to score the top grades. Our IGCSE Physics tutors provide self-prepared study materials that include worksheets, guide notes; test questionnaires based on the past 10 yrs. Question papers. Our highly reliable IGCSE tutors share their feedback on the student’s performance in the periodical tests and assignments with the respective parents regularly.