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Our highly experienced IGCSE mathematics tutors at Baccalaureate Academy have adopted an innovative learning approach that is absolute and multi-dimensional, with practice test papers and query-clearing sessions inclusively attached to it. The IGCSE math tutoring program at Baccalaureate Academy is specifically designed to help students excel in the Cambridge IGCSE examination. The Cambridge IGCSE international curriculum is a globally renowned curriculum opted for by many students in India and abroad. Our IGCSE math tutors for major subjects like Mathematics and Science help students evolve the Importance of Critical Analytical Skills through the application of successful learning methods used worldwide.
Our expert education counselor at Baccalaureate Academy has designed the study plan in a way that meets the universal needs of every student who finds the subject difficult to crack. Most students find the subject difficult to understand, but we ensure, our adept IGCSE Math Tutors will facilitate students learning of the subject in such a way that their doubts and fears about it will fade away, and they will begin to love the subject. Understanding concepts in a large classroom might be difficult for children who have an introverted nature and shy away from revealing their doubts in front of 40 students. Thus, Baccalaureate Academy provides online or private one-to-one Tutoring for such students, where they can express their doubts regarding any topic without any hesitation.

IGCSE Maths Tutor (One to One)

Our exceptionally trained IGCSE Math tutor conducts exclusive IGCSE Math sessions to support students by producing an urge to learn mathematical knowledge as an important skill to boost career opportunities and unquestionably build a powerful foundation for further studies. The objective of the program is to grow confidence among students by assisting them to crack the numerical subject, including complex calculations and patterns, equations and relationships, determining heights and distances—the list is endless. Solving complicated problems within minutes using special tips and tricks develops time management skills, a crucial factor necessary for appearing in every exam. Students also gain insight into how to connect and reason using mathematical theories.

The mission of our IGCSE coaching program is to induce an interest in numbers, relationships, and patterns in the minds of students that develops their presentation and interpretation skills.

Students are taught in detail about the key topics and formulas in a sequential manner; encouraging interest, interchange of ideas, and discussion. Our expert IGCSE math tutor at Baccalaureate Academy has designed a unique student-friendly approach to explaining various theorems and complicated formulas.

Merits of our IGCSE Math Tutors


Our IGCSE Math tutors help students work out the problems and cross-check the results in a limited time period, thereby developing a deep understanding of mathematical principles in them. Slide shows and visual learning are very much used to make a tedious math session interactive by allowing students to speak out more. IGCSE Students will learn to identify a situation and how it may be designated mathematically, work out appropriate factors where necessary, and opt for a quick and suitable trick to solve the problem. Besides, the students will develop the ability to apply such methods in other subjects like Physics.

Our avid IGCSE Math tutors empower students with aptitude skills like communication and reasoning by implying Mathematical Tips and Tricks concepts. Our teams of IGCSE Math tutors have been selected after rigorous training and experience teaching students from different IGCSE schools worldwide. They underwent an extensive screening and honest interview process, depending on several criteria like knowledge, skill, experience, education, aptitude for teaching, approach towards students, customized presentation, and behavior.

Baccalaureate Academy offers 24/7, 365 days of coaching sessions by IGCSE Math tutors and technical support for online sessions. Our IGCSE Math tutors hold periodic tests and hand over comprehensive assessments after the completion of every topic. Separate query-solving sessions are conducted by our IGCSE Math tutors, who focus on clearing the smallest of doubts for students.

Teaching approach of IGCSE Math tutor

Our IGCSE Math tutor stays updated on the latest question paper patterns and the syllabus of the IGCSE Curriculum Overview. So any minor change in either of them will be communicated to the students without delay


Generally, the valuation of IGCSE question papers comprises two written papers:


For the Core exam: Paper 1: 1 hour
Paper 3: 2 hours
For the Extended exam: Paper 2: 1 hour and thirty minutes
Paper 4: 2 hours and thirty minutes


Our IGCSE Math tutor ensures that they will have ample time to discuss the issues faced by students in mathematics in detail. Students can come to get assistance with homework or disciplined study habits for any numerical problems they face. If the students want to opt for Online coaching assistance, they can do so whenever they want, according to their convenience. The much-preferred sessions will be scheduled around one instead of a class of 40. Our faculty of accomplished IGCSE Math tutors prepare review study materials after they start with a new topic. It proves very useful in the case of mathematics, for most topics are interlinked.


The performance of students in such tests is updated regularly for every parent. Weekly and monthly meetings with parents and our IGCSE Math tutor are arranged if required. Our expert faculties of IGCSE Math tutors deliver customized lesson plans, worksheets, solved test papers, guide notes, and questionnaires based on previous years’ question papers and assignments to students, which are not easily available in the mainstream market. Students can go to our digital platform for additional practice papers if they wish. The frequent periodical tests are conducted to give the students an idea of the real-time IGCSE Math exams. Students can opt for a free demo coaching session online/privately or in a group session first.