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Baccalaureate Academy has a comprehensive faculty of IGCSE English tutors who are selected after a diligent process of interview that thoroughly examines their teaching experience in the subject, specialization level of education, proficiency in using online teaching methods, background and behavior. Our highly skilled faculty of IGCSE English tutors has wide experience in teaching English to all kinds of students from renowned IGCSE schools worldwide. Our competent faculty of IGCSE English tutor motivates the students to help our students to develop the proficiency to communicate clearly and efficiently while speaking and writing. They use a wide range of vocabulary, and the correct grammar, spelling and punctuation that forms the most significant part of IGCSE syllabus.

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They help to develop a personal style among their students and a sense of the audience being addressed. Our every IGCSE English tutor encourages learners to read extensively, both as a source of enjoyment and to raise their consciousness of the ways in which English can be used. Our expert IGCSE tutor are updated about Cambridge IGCSE First Language English thus they also help in evolving more general analysis and communication skills such as inference, and the potential to use facts and present opinions successfully

With the growing number of students preferring on receiving higher education and exploring career opportunities overseas, popularity of schools teaching international curriculums like IB and IGCSE have seen a surge like never before amongst students in India or other south Asian countries.

Cambridge IGCSE provides an adjustable and revitalizing curriculum, backed with outstanding resources and training. The Cambridge IGCSE curriculum provides a wide variety of courses for learners with contrasting abilities, including those who do not speak English as their first language. Schools worldwide have been involved in the growth of Cambridge IGCSE. The syllabus is globally recognized and helps migrating students to reach out to the global infrastructure of education easily, but at the same time IGCSE syllabus also manage to retain a local relevance which makes it more popular among Indian students who are searching for something apart from the conventional Indian curriculums. Our IGCSE English tutors are committed to help and guide all the students to excel in this important subject.

Therefore, such students who study in IGCSE curriculums do seek additional guidance for science and English apart from their regular school classes. In India, there are several coaching institutions emerging to fulfill the added needs of students, but you should be very careful as to opting for a quality coaching institute. Baccalaureate Academy, an eminent coaching institute in Delhi NCR, has emerged to offering online and offline coaching classes for IGCSE English that happens to be an important subject for all IGCSE students. Post COVID-19 driven lockdown, IGCSE English tutorial classes have been the most favored mode of coaching. Thus, Baccalaureate Academy provides 24/7 online coaching classes for English via Skype and free demo sessions can be attended first to decide for further choices.

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IOur highly accomplished faculty of IGCSE English Tutors hold separate query solving sessions after completing any significant topic of IGCSE English. The scores earned by the students in the surprise tests held by our tutors highlight their progress level and also help our tutors to assess the merits and shortcomings of their students. It helps our reliable faculty of IGCSE English Tutors to modify their teaching patterns. The performance reports are shared as a feedback with their parents regularly. Our diligent faculty of IGCSE English Tutors provides customized study materials to their students which include solved model test papers, questionnaires, notes etc. based on previous year question papers.

Our every IGCSE English Tutor uses highly integrated teaching methods like explaining a complicated topic through real-time examples and displaying it on PPT slideshows. Besides, 3D animations and audiovisual lectures are other digital tools used for making a monotonous online English session turn into an interesting one. Besides, our broad faculty of IGCSE English Tutors provides key tips and tricks to their students to sharpen the crucial time management skills among the students which are compulsory for them to for all exams. Moreover, students and their parents are made accessible to a file containing images and recordings of live lectures by tutors has proven useful for students who have missed something important during the sessions or want to recall it before exams.