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IGCSE economics tutors at Baccalaureate Academy are selected through rigorous interview processes that carefully assess their specialization level, teaching approach, experience, background, and behaviour. Our committed faculty of IGCSE Economics tutors have in-depth knowledge on every topic mentioned above and, after completion of every topic, our highly accomplished faculty of IGCSE economics tutors conduct tests and hand over assignments to the students for a comprehensive assessment of their strengths and weaknesses, their potential to grasp upon a topic and interpretation level.

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Growing career possibilities in economics at European counties and elsewhere abroad have raised interest in the subject among students all over the world. The same goes for Indian students, the promising career opportunities in Economic Research, financial risk analysis, Accountancy, Investment Analysis, Financial consultancy; Data Analysis, etc. have raised hopes for students and their parents. Besides, most students’ today dream to establish a career overseas or move there for further studies. Hence, the preference for getting educated from the traditional Indian curriculum has shifted to that of International curriculums like the International Baccalaureate (IB) & International General Certificate of Secondary Examination (IGCSE). The Cambridge IGCSE Economics syllabus evolves a deeper perception among the students on economic theory, laws, terms, and major principles. Students get to study the economic infrastructure of various countries and how these are interdependent. Moreover, they are taught to work with simple economics data and to use the analytical tools for economic interpretation. Thus, students develop an understanding of how to apply economics upon the present economic crisis.

IGCSE Economics Tuition

The Cambridge IGCSE Economics syllabus aims to establish a powerful understanding of the fundamental foundation of the subject for higher studies, including Cambridge International AS & A Level Economics, or another corresponding level. With the emergence of various IGCSE affiliated schools nationwide, coaching institutes have also developed in major cities. Baccalaureate Academy is one such Institute located at Delhi NCR and Gurgaon and is offering exclusive Private/Home (Individual/home) coaching sessions for Economics to students who find it difficult to pace up with regular school classes and want additional help with the subject. Though students have the freedom to opt for any pattern of coaching they wish for, Baccalaureate Academy recommends individual tutoring for introvert students who find themselves in a dilemma while speaking out their minds in a class of 40. And we must say, our extensive faculty of IGCSE economics tutors have substantial experience in teaching IB students from noted IB schools worldwide. Our IGCSE Economics tutors are thorough with every concept, principle, law & relationship, economic curves, numerical and definitions, etc. of topics covered under the IGCSE syllabus. They also conduct ample research and come with the latest and additional information on topics for students, producing an urge among the students to score the best grades in their IB economics exams.

Learning IGCSE Economics at Baccalaureate Academy

The IGCSE syllabus deals with an elaborate study of:-

The basic economic problem

The allocation of resources

Microeconomic decision-makers

Economic development

Government and the Macroeconomics

International trade and globalization

Our highly skilled counsellor at Baccalaureate Academy prepares a study schedule for the student based on his/her convenience and requirement after a detailed discussion with the concerned parents. Thereafter, the student gets access to reach out to our comprehensive faculty of IGCSE Economics tutors for educational assistance with his homework or complying with dedicated study habits. The performance of the students highlights these key qualities of the students that help our IGCSE economics tutors to build a rapport with their prodigies. Whether it is a group classroom session or an individual Private/ Online coaching the session, our adept IGCSE economics tutors focus upon every student and use innovative teaching methods to make a tedious session an interactive one, allowing every student introvert or not, to express themselves without hesitation. Separate query solving sessions are conducted after completion of every topic in which our IGCSE economics tutors solve the queries or doubts of the students regarding the covered topic, helping them to pace up with their fast peers. The performance of the students in the periodical tests and assignments are examined by our IGCSE economics tutors as their progress status and shared as regular feedback to the respective parents. The test questions are designed based on IGCSE exam questions to give the students a feeling of real-time IGCSE economics exams.

Teaching Approach of an IGCSE Economics Tutor

Interactive teaching methods used by our IGCSE economics tutor includes explaining elasticity concepts and principles of the Micro or Macroeconomics topic with real-life examples, explaining the relationship of demand and supply, Balance and trade, Market equilibrium, Fiscal & Monetary Policy, etc. especially the critical curves and graphs through slideshows. Our IGCSE Economics tutors use highly integrated and advanced technology-enabled tutoring methods for smart classes, like audiovisual lectures, animated videos, learning through the display of PPTs etc.IGCSE Economics Tutoring (One to One)

IGCSE Economics Tutoring (One to One)

Our caring faculty of IGCSE economics tutors provide one to one tuition to our students with customized study materials that consist of guide notes, worksheets, research papers, numerical exercises, model test papers, questionnaires based on previous year question papers, etc. Such study materials are prepared by our trained faculty of IGCSE economics tutors for revisionary purpose of our students. Thus, students can use them for help while preparing for their exams. Our IGCSE Economics tutors encourage our students to develop crucial time management skills necessary for any exam regardless of its curriculum and practice writing answers in a defined pattern that would raise their scores.