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Our globally acclaimed IGCSE Biology tutors from leading Universities worldwide are passionate about their profession and helping students to have a memorable learning experience in the subject. Our faculty of IGCSE Biology tutors are synergetic, working closely with parents and teachers to keep everyone informed about a student’s progress and needed support, apart from being consistent. We advise one-to-one or individual tutoring of introvert students who hesitate to speak out their minds to teachers teaching a class of 40, though it entirely depends on the students to opt for any coaching pattern after attending our demo session.

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Biology is the distinct branch of science that deals with the study of the human body along with plant and animal kingdoms at every level from microscopic to larger forms. Complex scientific terminologies and definitions besides tedious explanations of processes and interpretation of incomprehensible diagrams are some key causes that prompt IGCSE students to take additional expert guidance apart from regular classroom sessions. Therefore, Baccalaureate Academy introduces exclusive IGCSE Biology coaching sessions for those students who want expert guidance in the subject apart from their school classes to score top grades in the crucial IGCSE Biology exams.

IGCSE Biology Tutoring at Baccalaureate Academy

Not every academic professional can be a successful tutor – Our proficient faculty of IGCSE Biology tutors at Baccalaureate Academy come with specialized knowledge in the subject to teach students with the right communication skills. Baccalaureate Academy selects its IGCSE Biology tutors after carefully analyzing their education level, nature & behaviour, teaching ideas & experience in the relevant board curriculum. Thus, we can confidently say our highly specialized IGCSE Biology tutors have a vast experience in teaching the respective subject to bright students of renowned IGCSE affiliated schools in the world. Our adept online IGCSE Biology tutors students will learn to form a hypothesis. Biology is a compulsory subject of science that allows people to study medicine/medical and natural sciences. Through our IGCSE Biology online program, students will observe the characteristics and habitat of living organisms, their structures, and key roles more closely. The reproduction and inheritance part of the syllabus will also be studied. Students need to be thorough with complex definitions; terminologies and natural processes etc. are key constituents of the IGCSE syllabus. To get a powerful hold upon Biology, students must practice the complicated cell diagrams relevant to Plant, animals, and human beings.

Teaching Approach of our IGCSE Biology Tutor

Our extensive faculty of IGCSE Biology tutors explain elaborate details of such diagrams to their students and encourage them to practice it by assignments frequently after every class. Our broad faculty of IGCSE Biology tutors possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of major details, ideas, and principles in Biology, advising on biological facts required for its role in new evolution, and they endeavour to impart the same knowledge to their students thus producing an urge in the young minds to learn the subject more deeply. Baccalaureate Academy holds the importance of expert experimental work to the scientific method and observation in science subjects like Physics, Chemistry as well as in Biology. Thus, our IGCSE Biology tutors help students to interpret theories and conduct experiments and answer their observations in their own language during exams. Our native Biology tutors prepare students with grade A to C, to abide by the syllabus of Level 3 AS and A level GCE Biology, Cambridge Pre-U Biology.

Our expert faculty of IGCSE Biology tutors provide students with self-made study materials like worksheets, guide notes, solved test papers, and questionnaires based on previous year question papers not easily available in the market. Our IGCSE Biology tutors believe that solving the previous year’s question papers helps students to understand the answering styles that would earn them a decent grade, thus giving them a feel of real-time IGCSE biology exam. Our IGCSE Biology tutors conduct separate query clearing sessions after completion of each topic and which aims to solve all queries of the students regarding the topic. Our IGCSE Biology tutors stay updated on the latest IGCSE syllabus and every small change in the curriculum is informed to the students and parents. Frequent periodical surprise tests are conducted by our IGCSE Biology tutors as a comprehensive check upon the student’s progress status. The student’s performance in the tests offers the tutors with an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of every student. The surprise tests also teach students to develop a crucial time management skill which is important for appearing in any exam regardless of a specific curriculum. The performance feedbacks are shared with the parents regularly with the concerned parents.

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The aim of our IGCSE Biology tuition program is to empower students to assess topics, in terms of their practical knowledge and understanding of Biology, the merits, and demerits of scientific and technological progress upon living habitats, that mentions associated social, environmental, and economic issues. Our energetic faculty of IGCSE Biology tutors teach through an interactive session on the whiteboard and critically examining details of the topic through slide shows. Such innovative and student-friendly teaching methods adopted by our experienced IGCSE biology tutors tend to make the tedious sessions an active one that allows students to speak out more on their ideas and queries. Our Private coaching sessions are arranged according to the student’s convenience thus the lessons are customized as per the student’s potential to learn. IGCSE Biology tutors at Baccalaureate Academy allow access to students and parents to a portal on the student’s progress report and other uploaded Images and files for academic, homework, and assignment assistance are available.