IBDP Subjects Overview

The first step to subject selection is to first consider the subject that you are interested to study deeply to make a career out of it. This is significant because many university subjects have certain IB requirements. For example, to study Medicine in leading universities abroad requires higher level of Chemistry. Another example is that in major overseas universities higher level of English is required to study law. Thus, you need to opt for your subject in a particular manner that abides by the necessities of the university subject you endeavor for.

When just beginning IBDP, many students are not sure what university subjects they want to pursue. However, students should already have an idea about their inclinations. For example, a determined student is sure that he would be more interested in pursuing mathematics related subjects compared to language related subjects. Thus, he surely knew that taking Math HL would be very significant to him.

After opting for the subjects that are required for your university achievements, we suggest selecting subjects that are the easiest for you to score high marks. This is because your IB total score is extremely biting to your university application. The higher your aggregate score, the maximum choices you have regarding university course selection, it is likely you will meet the more university requirements. You should use your past results in the IBMYP or IGCSE to predict the easiest subjects for you in the IB. For example, if math was always your strong subject, then perhaps picking math HL would be more suitable for you than picking english HL.

In the beginning as it is mentioned the fact that to do Medicine you probably need Chemistry HL. In most countries this is true. If you are thinking of entering into a profession, ensure you do a thorough research on preferred requisites of that course. For example, often you need Maths SL to do architecture, or Physics HL to do engineering. Use the internet, ask your guidance counselor and feel free to call up universities to ask. In few instances it is seen your school may not provide a subject in its course you are interested to take upon. This is not uncommon as the IB has an extensive number of fascinating courses on offer. Thus, there may be other options like online service of learning through Baccalaureate Academy, or getting its IBDP tutor in Delhi. If you have no choice there is no harm in asking your school or parents to help you consider us, we stretch ourselves even in Noida as students in Noida can avail the online and offline IBDP tutor in Noida. And if there is no option then there may be a way around it such as taking a foundation year at our Academy where our faculty takes the initiative to focus on merits and weaknesses of each student in a regular concentrated class. The conclusion of this advise is that there is always a way, but don’t always expect that way to be the evident one.

In conclusion, picking the right IB subjects is the first step to success in the IB. If you make a mistake here, your dramatically reduce your chances of success. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our IB tutor by Baccalaureate Academy in Delhi.

Baccalaureate Academy offers the most updated syllabus in accordance with IB curriculum that forms an excellent preparation programme which is academically diligent and focuses on accelerating you up with the principal IB subjects –assuring you go into the first year confidently of your subjects and at the compulsory beginning level. The programme also assists students to grow up mandatory skills and knowledge you are required to carry throughout your IB coaching in Delhi, and you will be given access to guidance and support from Guidance Counselors and IB home tutor in Delhi as well. Our team of faculty have years of IB experience – a crucial opportunity for all who wants to utilize their knowledge for gaining their own knowledge. Not only will the IB tutor in Delhi from Baccalaureate Academy confirms a powerful fundamental foundation of the subjects among his/her students, but you will get direct experience at staying and working at distinguished universities with hundreds of other IB students, another effective source of support and fine opportunity to get to know yourself.

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