What is ICSE?


Baccalaureate Academy

We are an academy that believes in reliability, quality and standards. The mentors and teachers of our center are highly experienced and completely committed towards coaching, training and being the right guide for each and every student. Our parents and students have continuously supported and appreciated our teaching methods. Students are regularly monitored based on their performance and parents are kept abreast. They monitor students’ performance and enhance their performance levels. A major difference between ICSE and CBSE board is in their syllabus. While the syllabus of CBSE board is more focused on Science and Mathematics, ICSE board, on the other hand, gives equal focus on Arts, Language, and Science. The syllabus of ICSE is more comprehensive and detailed and encompasses all fields of study.

Student Engagement in Classroom


The board gives more emphasis on English and therefore, students have a better edge over other students in exams like TOEFL. A certificate from ICSE board is recognized globally, even in foreign schools and universities. The syllabus is fruitful for students who are interested in the fields of Humanities and Management. Take advantage of some of the best guides who are up-to-date with the latest occurrences and methodologies followed in the education scenario. Our instructors use innovative methods to teach Math, Physics and Chemistry and its detailed fundamental concepts. Our teachers have immense expertise and grasp in their respective fields with proven records. We assist you with extensive study materials, assignments, previous year solved papers and updated changes in curriculum, which are made to help you learn according to your grade and for better comprehension. Regular exams are conducted so that students can know where they stand and strive to improve and achieve their goals. Our fee structure is also cost-effective as we believe in education and not profits.