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Baccalaureate Academy offers IB tuition to a wide range of subjects of International Baccalaureate programs with the aim to help students facing difficulty to understand the concepts of the International Baccalaureate program. The IB tuition at Baccalaureate Academy has been set up with a lot of research and on the basis of suggestions and feedback from teachers. IB program is gaining popularity in recent years, it has schools all over the world. The program aims to prepare students for an international mindset. With its presence of schools in most of the countries, it is gaining popularity in the education field and more students are enrolling for the program.

IB Tuition Program

Not all students are the same, some are fast learners while some are slow learners. A few students require personal attention as they like to learn at their own pace. Baccalaureate Academy is the best platform for students to learn and explore, we take care of every kind of student enrolled for IB tuition. Like other courses or programs, International Baccalaureate has some easy subjects and some difficult subjects. If the difficult concepts are not taught properly the student may lose interest in studies and find it boring, keeping this in mind we have set up our IB tuition program for a wide range of subjects of the International Baccalaureate program.

Why IB Tuitions at Baccalaureate Academy?

We offer two kinds of IB tuitions learning options that are learning in groups and learning in private. Group learning is for those IB students who want to learn in a group along with their friends whereas private learning is for those IB students who are not able to follow the pace with the other students. In private learning, a tutor is dedicated to an individual student where a student can learn at his own pace and style. In our IB tuitions, proper teaching techniques are implemented so that a student gets adjusted to the learning speed and grasps the concepts easily without any hassle, and scores good grades in IB exams.

Our teaching process:

Our teaching process for IB tuitions is simple and straightforward. Once a student gets enrolled for IB tuitions our tutors interact with students and try to understand their strengths and weaknesses in the subject. A draft is given to the students about the timeline for syllabus completion. Our tutors ensure the syllabus is completed on time and the test is taken at the end of each chapter. Assignments are given regularly to make students involved in the study. If a student is not understanding the concept clearly extra session is taken and special attention is paid to them. The teaching methods for IB tuition are proven to be effective and have helped hundreds of students to get good grades in their IB exams.

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Proper Guidance:

We know that for any aspiring student to be successful a proper guide is necessary at every step of their preparation, it boosts their motivation, confidence, and their dedication towards the work. Our tutors for IB tuition are trained for the overall development of the students that are related to education, along with the teachings they constantly motivate and guide students to achieve their goal may be in exam preparation or project completion.

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Excellent quality tuition :

We at Baccalaureate Academy provide an excellent learning experience to all the learners for IB tuition. Our tutors are well qualified and experienced in the field of education and they come from leading schools and colleges, they undergo a rigorous training before they are authorized to teach on our platform for IB tuition. Almost every care is taken to make the learning experience amazing. Our tutors are trained to teach in a simple and efficient manner so that the learner does not feel any difficulty in learning. They ensure that the student is really getting the concepts by conducting regular tests and assignments. In the IB tuition session quality of the teaching is not compromised.

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Equipped with learning resources :

Our IB tuition program is equipped with plenty of learning resources that are beneficial to the students for the preparation of their exams along with exploring deep in the subject. Notes, essays, research papers, animations, videos, and audio resources are available at their fingertip so that they can utilize any time and any number of times even if they are stuck with doubt. The notes are very helpful in revising the concepts, without regular revision a student feels difficulty in remembering the concepts.

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On-time syllabus completion :

We have a well-planned and structured IB tuition program that gives a clear idea about the coverage of concepts on the specified date. We promise that the syllabus will be completed on the specified date, this gives enough time for students to revise and study more. Most of the teachers fail to complete the syllabus within the specified date and in the end, they rush to somehow complete the syllabus by compromising the quality of the teaching, at Baccalaureate Academy this is not accepted and we strictly monitor on the tutors teaching schedule and the progress of the completion of the syllabus. We also take feedback from the students to find out any gap in the teaching, if found we make necessary changes in the teaching because the quality of the teaching should not be compromised. It is found that the on-time syllabus completion boosts the confidence of the students as students get enough time to study and revise the concepts.

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