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Baccalaureate Academy provides best IB Psychology tutors to boost the preparation for the IB exams the diploma students are going to face. IB Psychology is a very interesting subject different from other science subjects. Psychology endeavors to study the complex thinking of the Human Brain and the distinct behavior of every individual that varies according to regional, religious/cultural, climatic, and other factors. Psychology is a promising subject and need of the hour because Globalization around the world has affected human lives. Thus, these subjects tend to give a deeper perception of why and how a human personality is influenced by changes around him. Therefore, it is necessary for IB students to get additional expert guidance besides regular school classes and fulfill their dream to continue with the subject in their further studies with the help of our IB Psychology tutors.

IB Psychology Tutor (One to One)

The sessions are taken by our highly experienced IB psychology tutor is quite interactive and regular, to encourage students to speak out their mind. Baccalaureate Academy selects every tutor after a tough interview process –focusing more on their experience in teaching IB students from top IB schools worldwide. We take pride in our thoroughly trained IB Psychology tutors who adopt innovative teaching methods to explain any complex theory or law to our students. From getting hold upon an important topic to get an extra edge over your peers, your search for the best IB Psychology Tutor in India ends with Baccalaureate Academy. Our comprehensive faculties of IB Psychology tutors ensure to make tedious coaching sessions into fun and engaging session, making sure your learning experience is memorable.

We “Grow a passion for learning” the vital subject in the minds of our students, ensuring they achieve the top grades in their crucial IB Psychology exam.

IB Psychology Higher Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL)

To understand how the course is designed by our expert faculty of IB Psychology tutors with reference to IB curriculum and what are the objectives of the IB course behind it are:

Evolve a consciousness amongst students of how research in human psychology can be used for the welfare of human society

Make sure that ethical exercises are followed in the study of Psychology by the students

Establish a deeper understanding of various aspects relevant to biological, cognitive, and socio-cultural influences on human behavior.

Help students to come out with a deeper understanding of substitute accounts of human behavior

Impart knowledge to the aspiring students on the use of various scientific methods of psychological study.

In Year 1 of the course, you will study the three Core topics – Biological, Cognitive, and Socio-cultural thesis. Every subject matter constitutes a unique approach to the interpretation of human behavior, and combining these scientific approaches of renowned psychologists provides the most integrated perspective of human psychology.

In Year 2 of the course, you will study either one (SL) or two (HL) Options from a list of four – Relationships, Abnormal, Developmental, and Health. These options will deal with an elaborate study of some of the major areas in IB Psychology. HL Psychology delivers an in-depth study of the above topics and the duration of the course of HL & SL Psychology tends to be different like that of other IB subjects. Thus, the complex nature of internal Assessments of HL and SL Psychology is also different, with HL being the more complex one.

Overall in the course, you will also study crucial Research Approaches- the various methods adopted by Psychologists to execute scientific investigations, in order to answer the trending questions about human behavior. Hence, IB students will also get the real-time experience of carrying out research all by yourself – by reproducing a popular Psychology study for your assessment.

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Baccalaureate Academy offers exclusive coaching classes by expert IB tutors who have a thorough understanding of the subjects and powerful experience on researches that are a very important part of the subject. They will help students to learn the following crucial points:

To which level are the experiments of the natural sciences applicable in the human sciences like Psychology?

To which level can empathy, intuition, and emotion be an authorized aspect of understanding human personality and thinking?

Human features or behaviors that remain beyond the reach of human Psychology?

To which level can information in human Psychology be assessed?

Role of ethics in human psychology and personality traits? Causes of change in ethical standards?

Does psychological research ever prove anything? Why do we say that results only suggest?

IB Psychology Tuition

Our broad faculty of IB Psychology tutors provides their students with customized study materials like worksheets, solved test papers, and questionnaires that based on the latest IB curriculum and deep analysis of previous year Question papers. These test materials are not easily available in the market and the best part is Our IB Psychology tutors will update every small change in the syllabus to your parents and of course you. Our IB psychology tutors conduct frequent surprise tests on every chapter completed. The performance of every student in those tests helps our IB Psychology tutors to determine the merit and weaknesses of their dear students and therefore helps the tutors to adopt different teaching styles that will prove effective for students to understand the subject and score better in their IB exams.