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Group Study Session

Our IB Physics tutors are highly accomplished and qualified who offer group as well as individual coaching sessions, scheduled according to the convenience of the students. Presenting the practical subjects of science like Physics, Chemistry & Biology into life for students is a type of challenge shared by the teachers all over the world. Turning a tedious repetitive teaching session into an amazing and insightful session is not every teacher can do. Thus, Baccalaureate academy after discussing such experiences with teachers, parents, and students, has taken the initiative to guide all aspiring students beyond the classroom walls at an affordable fee.

Physics is a subject that is interesting but difficult to understand at the same time. Like other science subjects, Baccalaureate Academy offers excellent tutorial classes in Physics HL & SL for students seeking expert guidance. Physics requires a clear understanding of complex concepts and theories. The more deeply a student has a powerful hold upon the fundamental concepts, the more he is likely to solve the complex problems at the earliest. Our faculty of IB Physics tutors is highly skilled professionals who possess broad experience in teaching the subject at recognized IB schools worldwide.

IB Physics Tuition

It is seen that most students studying science in IB board schools need a separate specialized coaching session for Physics HL that would only focus on them. Therefore, Baccalaureate Academy has taken the initiative to offer a student-centric individual coaching session on the core science subject that needs utmost hard work and dedication for achieving the perfect scores.

Our IB Physics tutors who teach Diploma students are exceptionally qualified and offer study materials prepared exclusively by the teachers themselves. The overall IB physics revision notes our tutors prepare, is in accordance with the latest IB examinations syllabus. IB physics tutors at Baccalaureate Academy recommend that although concise notes are necessary for your revision, those should not be the only materials our students should cover – practicing in depth from problems given in your textbook as well as past papers also prove to be very much mandatory.

Benefits of an IB Physics Tutor


Basic concepts and formulas on topics like Oscillation and waves, Applied Mechanics, Magnetism, Thermodynamics, Mechanics, etc. need a sharp and attentive focus of students since the beginning because these forms the fundamental contents of many other following topics interrelated to them. Thus, our IB physics tutors who have deep insight into such kinds of topics help their students to learn the same through practical work in labs. Our veteran physics tutors hold the belief that subjects like Physics and Chemistry is simple to understand and memorize by performing practical learning more when compared to tedious classroom sessions. Therefore, Baccalaureate Academy has a distinctly designed infrastructure that has highly advanced labs for our students who wish to attend our coaching centers. These highly integrated labs are empowered with advanced technology which helps the weak students to understand the complexities of the subjects in a more interesting and playful manner. It makes learning more interactive where student participation is more. Thus, the observations made in experiments become simple to write for them in exams as every student got their fair chance to see, observe, and learn the topics closely. Besides, our IB tutors encourage their students to take part in various science Olympiads that further help the students studying in IB boards to be prompt and sharp. These two key qualities help the students to grow time management skills and give the best answers.

Hence, even though our next-generation IB Physics tutors have put into use the technology at its best, they have not got driven away by it which can cause any problem to our students.

IB Physics HL/SL

Our tutors for IB Physics assess the strengths and the weakness of every student based on their performance in tests and assignments held at regular time intervals. Thus, based on the performance of the students, a separate query clearing session is taken for them, where our IB tutors for Physics attend to each and every query of the student and clear it thoroughly so that the student gives his best performance in the next exam.

The IB physics HL curriculum constitutes a teaching duration of 95 hrs. and 8 key topics, an alternative topic of 25 hrs. and a practical work plan of 60 hrs. The IB Physics SL curriculum also composes of a teaching duration of 95 Hours and 8 key topics with an alternative topic of 15 hrs. and a practical work plan with a duration of 40 hours.

IB Physics Tutor

Our every IB physics tutor adopts highly integrated methods of teaching the complex science subject that requires an absolute understanding of every formula and researched laws. Their use of innovative methods of tutoring strives to produce a sense of urgency in the minds of the students, to work hard, and score the best scores in exams which can further help the students to pursue a promising career abroad. As stated before, Baccalaureate Academy selects highly experienced tutors of Physics to offer the best education to its students. Our Online IB Physics Tutor offer online coaching sessions not only in India but worldwide. It’s been a decade since we have been offering tutorial classes by our IB online Physics tutors in the UK, the USA, Dubai, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Singapore, etc. Our comprehensively trained tutors effectively build a clear understanding with their students, which helps them to guide the shy & introvert students thereby encouraging the latter to speak up for themselves. Our revision courses and solved test papers are designed programs based on the latest syllabus. Our IB Tutors for physics stay updated on any kind of changes made in the curriculum of the university.