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Our IB Maths tutors have a very deep insight into this subject & know how students need to be trained to solve the complex problems quickly during IB exam. Mathematics is an age-old subject dealing with rigid numerical calculations, formulas and Theorems. But at the same time, this is a very interesting subject with a bright career prospect. If a student excels at IB Mathematics then he definitely has a sharp, quick & enthusiastic brain which has the power to change the world. IB curriculum prevails to globally acclaimed education system. Thus, students aspiring to pursue higher studies abroad and settle with a stable and promising career there, opt to study in these internationally recognized boards. As mathematics has a wide range of career opportunities, studying the subject in a universally recognized board, will boost your chances of getting nearer to your ambitions.

But there are many students who find the subject very difficult. IB Math can be a tough nut to crack if you are not clear with the basic concepts thereby cannot solve problems within limited period of time. What you need to understand is once you clearly understand the formulas; you can easily solve the problems at the earliest possible time. To facilitate students to get hold upon this subject of calculations, Baccalaureate Academy is offering the best IB coaching classes worldwide online. So all of you who are finding it difficult to deal with IB Math AA or IB Math AI, contact us for a trial class and decide for yourself. Baccalaureate Academy ensures our young aspirants get the guidance of best IB Math tutors who are highly experienced in their area.

IB Math Tuitions

Baccalaureate Academy tends to select only handpicked IB Math tutors for our students, who are exceptionally trained and accomplished to teach students according to the IB curriculum. Our IB tutors for Mathematics believe that Mathematics is an easy subject given it is regularly practiced for at least 2 hrs. this is the reason why many find it very easy and for them it is the only subject to score the highest grade as it is an absolute practice oriented subject that requires no mugging up. This is the point that needs to be understood by every student who find this difficult and it is where our IB Maths tutors play a major role. As stated prior itself, Our IB Math AA tutors have gradually adopted unique approaches towards explaining different topics for different subjects, so have our Mathematics tutors. Our IB Maths tutors have extensive experience in teaching students from various elite IB schools worldwide. Thus, this new concept of IB & IGCSE education in India that is steadily growing in several countries is not new to our faculty of IB tutors. They are very much acquainted with the teaching styles required in case of these international boards.

Our faculty of IB Maths tutors compose of former university toppers who are well acquainted with the preparation methods for crucial IB Maths exam. Thus, Our highly specialized IB Maths tutors provide our students with key tips and tricks that have been proven highly effective during IB board exams. We at Baccalaureate Academy offer comprehensive study materials especially prepared by such alumni & expert IB tutors. These study materials are also available in customized series that prove to be of additional help for slow learners. Our notes & test series are distinguished from those available in markets. Our pro IB tutors of Mathematics Analysis and Approaches emphasize & motivate IB students to practice the solved test series & past year question papers compulsorily. Persistent practicing of the last year question papers support our students to a great extent while facing actual IB exams. The continuous practice sessions conducted by our every IB Maths tutor encourages students to be confident & determined to score the highest grades during exams.

Our IB tutors of Mathematics Application and Interpretation stay updated with every minor change in the IB Math syllabus, hence we ensure our students are prepared according to the updated Curriculum. Regular tests on every sub topics, enables our tutors know their students deeply and enhance their own teaching methods. Every progress reports of the students are informed to the parents regularly. Our tutors conduct specific doubt clearing session for every Maths sub-topics be it HL or SL, on regular basis. Our faculty of IB Math tutor evaluates the improvement of each student based on their scores made in these periodical tests. Thus, it’s the performance of every student in these tests decides in which area he should focus more.

Baccalaureate Academy takes pride in declaring itself as the best IB coaching for Mathematics AA and AI not only in Delhi NCR but nationwide as well. The strenuous hard work & extreme efforts put by our IB tutors have proven this statement in last few years, when our Academy have successfully produced a long list of toppers nationwide.

IB Maths HL vs SL


IB Mathematics in IB is divided into four parts:- IB Maths AA HL & SL; IB Maths AI HL & SL. Mathematics HL is the bit advanced and difficult one when compared to SL. There is a considerable gap in its complex nature with that of SL, not only because of the more number of sub-topics (including the option) but also because the student should use his or her potential to think from a different perspective. What stands unique in IB Mathematics is that formulas and concepts in IB maths are not applied directly. A lot more sub-topics (integration by parts and partial fractions, permutations and combination, complex numbers) are among few is included in the IB Math HL. There are more chapters such as advanced trigonometry and principal of mathematical induction included in higher level math. However IB math SL should also not be taken lightly. Our IB Maths tutors at Baccalaureate Academy urge their students to be equally focused on both HL & SL to score a seven point in the final examination.