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Baccalaureate Academy offers IB ESS tutors via both online as well as offline mode with an additional option of a private tutor or a group tutor. Our faculties are well trained and experienced in the field of education and provide world-class teaching experience to the learners. Teachers will assist students in homework, essays, past papers, tests, IAs, EEs. A team of dedicated teachers is allotted for doubt clearance. We understand that students get doubts while studying or revising the concepts and our teaching staff is always ready to help students. Helping aspiring students to achieve their goals is our main motto and our staff are dedicated to it.

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IB ESS refers to International Baccalaureate Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS IB). ESS IB is an optional subject for IB students and is a multidisciplinary subject. It consists of many different subjects along with science in a syllabus. The program has been popular among IB students worldwide, it teaches students with vast knowledge about some of the most popular topics and issues today. ESS IB is offered by many schools worldwide that has collaboration with the International Baccalaureate Foundation. Over the years ESS IB is gaining popularity. IB ESS is broad as it consists of different aspects of the Environment so IB has categorized it into two different groups that are subject Group 3 – Individuals and Societies and Subject Group 4 – Sciences. The International Baccalaureate Organization (known as the IB) offers four high-quality and challenging educational programs for a worldwide community of schools, aiming to create a better, more peaceful world.

IB ESS Tuition

IB ESS tuition mainly focuses on present days environmental issues from climate change and global warming to pollution. The environmental issues are on a rise from the last 2 to 3 decades, so it has become important to take necessary steps to prevent the damage of the Earth. Many environmental experts have already warned about the Earth’s climate change, so Government bodies, researchers, religious leaders, NGO’s, students are continuously raising awareness by doing campaigns at different parts of the world. People are getting aware and educating their young ones about the future impact on the Earth, this has also indirectly impacted in gaining popularity of the environmental-related courses and programs.

It has also been observed that some students feel the subjects Physics and Chemistry hard, so in order to avoid these subjects, they prefer to choose Environmental Systems and Societies instead. The subject also gives an opportunity for students to explore in the same way as that of subjects of science since it has to deal with geography and humanities and people. IB ESS cannot be taught with a limited number of teachers because the programs have different subject are related to other fields, for example, a biology teacher teaching an IB ESS student cannot teach 100% effectively as the teacher may not have enough knowledge humanities involved in IB ESS.


We believe in two things; first is knowledge is power and secondary education is the road to heaven. As said by Mahatma Gandhi Education is a powerful tool that is used to change the world and we rely on that. These thoughts have motivated us to do our duty in the teaching field. Sharing knowledge through a teaching method in an efficient and effective way is our core value. With the passage of time, we have adapted to the latest tools and technologies to deliver our lectures in an efficient way without any hassle.


Along with teaching we also offer a wide range of learning resources to students. They can effectively use them for their exploration and deep learning of the subject. Our learning resources include digital study materials, documents, research papers, essays, handwritten notes, presentations, animations, audio, and video files. Personal guidance is also provided for the students upon their request to complete their assignments and projects as it requires advanced concepts.



Our students have always shown a high success rate in IB ESS from the past few years and this motivates us to work more and more. The success is not attained overnight, it took us many months to identify the gaps and rectify the mistakes, we had realized that the course like IB ESS is data and research-driven and we had accumulated a lot of learning resources. Students found the resources useful and shown more interest in the subject.


We are confident upon our teaching style and we assure you that the student will be completely satisfied with our tutoring program. We are one of the leading tutoring platforms for International Baccalaureate tutoring. Our past satisfied students encourage us for our work and teaching styles. We have a wide network of successful students which were a part of our tutoring program.