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IB Chemistry tutors at Baccalaureate Academy have broad experience at teaching students from noted IB schools worldwide. Our IB Chemistry tutors are completely familiar with the IB chemistry HL/SL curriculum and the learning strategy required helping students pace up with the school lessons and their peers, preparing the students for upcoming concepts, revising topics already covered at school, or guiding through their exams. Chemistry is the most interesting and scoring of all branches in Science. Being a subject that is based more on Chemistry research and experiments. Chemistry blends the accession of practical and exploration dexterity besides theoretical learning. Considered as the central science often that empowers the biological systems and the physical environment where all organisms live. The in-depth study of Chemistry lays the foundation for further education programs like medicine, environmental and biological science.

Students studying under IB curriculum have to anticipate reactions and molecular exchanges that is not visible seeing with naked eyes, besides exhibiting it through mathematical interpretations. Students need to be familiar with the Vocabulary lists – atoms, molecules, solutes, elements, agents, salts, acids, metals, and the list is endless. Therefore, several students may find it difficult to remember the chemical terminologies; hence Baccalaureate Academy brings scientifically backed IB Chemistry coaching sessions to sharpen their Chemistry knowledge and focusing on their problems and solving it with unswerving determination, the commitment which is not easily received by all students at regular school classes

IB Chemistry Tutoring (One to One)

Baccalaureate Academy has been the most favored effective coaching Institute in Delhi NCR & Gurgaon, now getting popular nationwide for its exclusive one to one IB Chemistry coaching sessions that have a record of offering unparalleled academic and technical assistance to IB students since the international boards gained recognition in India. Our IB Chemistry tutor provides one to one private online tutoring sessions, following a study schedule prepared by our skilled counselor, customized to their student’s convenience and purpose. Our state of art coaching institute delivers access to our practical learning resources and opportunity to learn from globally acclaimed IB tutors worldwide our students. We select our faculty of IB Chemistry tutors after carefully analyzing their education level/specialization, experience in teaching at IB students, teaching methods, and background & behavior.

Our IB Chemistry tutors have adopted highly innovative teaching methods to make tedious IB Chemistry sessions, an interactive one where students get to speak out their minds. Our IB Chemistry tutors, set up their teaching methods based on the learning potential, interest, and requirement of the students, their grasping capacity besides study habits. The study schedule, practicing model test papers & exercises, solving complex numerical problems based on Chemical laws, etc. are designed by the tutor after assessing the areas their students need to work more. We recommend one-to-one tutoring sessions for students introvert in nature as they will gain the undeviating attention of the tutor that will allow them to express their views and ideas on a topic more easily.

IB Chemistry Tutor for Diploma

IB chemistry coaching sessions of Baccalaureate academy is designed to enable students to excel complex constituents of the IB Diploma syllabus for the respective academic year. The topics covered in IB Diploma chemistry HL include the topic of subatomic particles besides basic Organic Chemistry. Our IB Diploma Chemistry tutors encourage learning these concepts and processes through interactive whiteboard plus practical sessions at our highly integrated laboratory. IB Chemistry SL and HL consists of the first 11 topics (a total of 95 hours), and HL additionally covers topics 12 to 21 (an additional 60 hours). For both levels, you’ll also study one of the four options A-D (15 hours for SL, 25 hours for HL). Stoichiometric Relationships that includes Introduction to the particulate nature of matter and chemical change, the mole concept, Reacting masses and volumes. Atomic Structure (The nuclear atom, Electron configuration, Periodicity (Periodic table/Trends), Energetics/Thermochemistry (Measuring energy changes, Hess’s Law, Bond enthalpies) Chemical Bonding and Structure (Ionic/Covalent/Metallic bonding and structure, intermolecular forces), Collision theory and rates of reaction in Chemical Kinetics, Equilibrium, Acids, and Bases (properties, pH scale, deposition, etc.) Redox Processes (Oxidation and reduction, Electrochemical cells). IB HL includes the study of Atomic Structure, The Periodic Table: Transition Metals, an extension of major topics mentioned above.

IB Chemistry Tuition for 7 Points


Our accomplished faculty of IB Chemistry tuition stay updated on the latest syllabus and any small change in the IB Chemistry syllabus is informed to the students on the first hand. Students who are hoping for seven points in IB Chemistry exam must emphasize on numerical problems. Our IB Chemistry tutors are thorough with each topic of the syllabus and also provide the latest additional information to raise the knowledge and urge to learn the subject among their students. Our proficient IB Chemistry tutors conduct separate query clearing sessions after completion of every topic, aiming to solve even the smallest of doubts regarding the topic. Our highly efficient IB Chemistry tutors provide customized study materials like a guide/revisionary notes on the IB syllabus topics, worksheets, images, test papers, model questionnaires based on the previous year question papers that are not easily available in the mainstream market. Thereafter our IB Chemistry tutors hold periodical tests and handover assignments on the covered topic to assess the strengths & limitations of their students. The surprise tests meant to give our students a real-time feeling of answering styles in the crucial IB exams. They are taught to imply compulsory time management skills to write and score the best grades. The performance of the students highlights their progress status of which the feedback is shared by our IB Chemistry tutors with the concerned parents definitely.