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Our highly trained and expert IB Business Management tutors at Baccalaureate Academy empower students to make critical and tactful analysis about a person’s organizational behavior. Our specialized IB Tutors of Business Management help Diploma students to grow extensive knowledge and deep insight into the Business management theories. Our pro-IB Tutors in Business Management encourage the importance of analyzing issues based on various cultural perspectives also.

Business Management is vital, demanding, and diligent subject preferred by most students for their further studies and opting for a career in the respective field.

Business is all about production and selling goods and services to meet human needs and wants by the systematic arrangement of resources – operating, risk-taking, and profit-making in a competitive environment is the typical nature of most business organizations. Even though Business Management shares lookalike diverse skills and education topics with other Arts and social sciences, all differ with each other in many ways. The subject of Business management deals with decision making in an organization, Economics on the other hand deals with Crisis and resource allocation, on micro and macro levels. Business Management examines the use of Information technology in business contexts and – ITGS scrutinizes the impact of Information technology in fields of health and the Government of a comprehensive society. Business Management deals with a study on how individuals and groups co-ordinate in an organization and can maximize the utilization of resources for sustainable business. As IB & IGCSE students who aspire to opt for further studies abroad or pursue a career based on Business Management overseas, always look for additional guidance and counseling at an early stage of their education. Hence, Baccalaureate Academy simplifies the search for you and offers exclusive individual, Group, and Online coaching sessions for them at an affordable fee.

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IB Business Management – Difference between SL & HL

IB Business Studies for Standard Level (SL) is overall of 150 hours of teaching and IB Business Studies Tutoring for Higher Level (HL) and 240 Hours for SL. The Examination questions and marking pattern tends to be different and rigid in terms of HL compared to SL. The Internal assessment task is also more rigid in the case of IB Business Studies HL compared to that of SL. There are also Extension units for HL. Therefore, students need to focus more deeply on IB Business Studies HL. Though, ignoring IB Business Studies for Standard Level is a strict No. Our broad faculty of IB Business management Tutors are highly experienced in teaching students at different recognized IB schools worldwide. Thus, they have a thorough expertise of the unique teaching methods and give key tricks & trips that make IB Business Management HL a way easier for students to understand thus encouraging them to score top grades in crucial IB exams.

Syllabus Outline:

Unit 1 Business Organization and Environment

Unit 2 Human Resource Management

Unit 3 Finance and Accounts

Unit 4 Marketing

Unit 5 Operations Management

Features of Our IB Business Management Tutoring at Baccalaureate Academy


Our every IB Business management tutor possesses an absolute understanding of the world of global and local business. They are thorough with every updated concept and laws of the subject. Our IB Tutors for Business Management ensure to make each session interactive, giving the students the to speak more, which would turn a tedious session into an interesting one. Our tutors provide students with customized study materials including worksheets, solved test papers, and guide notes that are not available in the mainstream market.

Our globally acclaimed IB Tutors for Business Management studies guide the students to appreciate the nature and importance of alterations in regional and global circumstances, induce indisposition on the necessity of environmental, social, and ethical factors relevant to people and organizations. Our IB tutors are stay updated with the current syllabus of IB Business Management studies and inform aspiring students about answering patterns to the twisted IB questions using time management skills during major IB Business Management exams.

Our private IB Business Studies tutors develop an understanding in the minds of our students regarding the eminence of unfamiliarity in a business environment. It encourages students to develop innovative ideas in the field of business bringing a new revolution in every industry.

IB Business Management Tuition

Our expert tutors provide IB Business management tuition to the students in the way businesses represent themselves in a calculative manner through accounts and enabling them to learn how to prepare a fundamental Balance Sheet and Profit and loss account. Irrespective of the sector, potential, and size – it is ascertained that all organizations require healthy accounting systems, including finance in a basic business function. In the unit 3 group of Finance and Accounts, a part of Business Management – Higher Level (HL), students observe finance and accounts through both quantifiable and conditional methods. Our IB Business management students will surely learn to calculate by exponential analysis of ratios –as in Gross profit margin, Net profit margin, and Return on capital employed – EOCE, and interpretation of outcomes. Our IB Business Management tutors make sure our HL Students learn the elaborate phases of finance and account more deeply besides competence ratios investment appraisals and budgets. The ultimate cause of studying Finance and accounting under Business management studies is any small or big organization regardless of whichever industry it belongs to has always been faced a challenge in the representation of its income & expenses in a simple but detailed financial statement to the govt. Thus the objective of a carefully planned Business management IB course is to teach students to get trained & help the ever-growing corporate economies.