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Our exceptionally trained IB Biology tutors are renowned for offering high class online IB Biology tutoring to International Baccalaureate students and help them score seven points in the challenging IB exams. Biology is an interesting subject but tends to be confusing at times. Beginning from cell theory to learning about stages of evolution, connecting to all the features of the subject especially the scientific names and conceptual definition in it, may turn out to be strenuous for some students. Therefore, such students can approach an adept biology tutor who can help them understand the complex biological theories and concepts boost their practical knowledge that encourages the students to score the highest grades. If you are looking for a Biology tutor for the IB curriculum, contact us in Baccalaureate Academy and get the best coaching and guidance.

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Since biology is a unique yet manifold subject dealing with a wide range of topics, you need a tutor who has comprehensive experience in teaching the subject based on the IB syllabus. Baccalaureate Academy offers classes by skilled biology teachers’ offline in Delhi NCR, and the best online biology tutoring worldwide!

Our exclusively trained IB Biology tutors at Baccalaureate Academy can help you clear the otherwise difficult exam with the best scores you dreamt to achieve. The taxing Biology exam for the curriculum of International Baccalaureate constitutes the following six topics: Cell and Molecular Biology, Ecology, Genetics, Evolution and Biodiversity, Metabolism, Cell Respiration, and Photosynthesis.

Tutoring Strategy for IB Biology HL & SL

Our IB Biology tutors make sure that over time their students acquire command over the information and skills necessary for succeeding on the IB Biology Test. The Pro Biology tutors at Baccalaureate Academy prepare customized study materials like a compilation of notes and revisionary resources for all six of the biology topics that are simple to understand for even the weakest student. Our uniquely planned IB program allows our IB Biology tutors to gain a deep insight into the student’s strengths and weaknesses which is based on their performance in assignments and the surprise tests taken by our IB Biology tutors at regular intervals.

IB Biology SL composes of a minimum of 150 prescribed hours, and IB Biology HL constitutes a minimum of 240 prescribed hours. Both levels cover topics 1-6, and HL consists of extra topics of 7-11. For both levels, a student also gets to cover one of the four options (A by D), at either the SL or HL level.

Our IB Biology Tutors also conduct an interesting and interactive session on slideshows representing the most crucial part of Biology, the Diagrams, that is not an easy task to understand and requires consistent practice. Our IB Biology tutors who have wide experience in teaching at most popular IB schools in various countries abroad, guides you to understand the diagrams related to various topics with special tips and tricks.

Our expert Biology tutor for the IB curriculum know why the command terms (such as Draw, Annotate, Outline, Analyze, etc.) becomes the most crucial part of the IB Biology Exam. If a student fails to understand the Command terms then he can never perform well in the key IB exams.

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Our every IB Biology tutor is fully updated with the latest syllabus and guides the students accordingly. There are endless interlinked topics in IB Biology to cover for which students must study the topics throughout the year. If the students try learning the entire syllabus just a few days before the exams then it will be impossible to cover the entire material within the limited period of time, thus the point that our IB Biology tutors tend to explain to our students is that there is a reason why the syllabus is divided over one to two years. Learn every topic regularly once you cover it in class. We recommend our students use a student-friendly study guide for assistance to have a better understanding of the concepts, you cover in class.

Baccalaureate Academy has an accomplished faculty of IB tutors who are empowered with the right skill to help students with risky IB examinations raising their confidence. Any minor change in the curriculum will be informed by our tutors to the students. Besides, our tutors hold periodical tests on every key topic once it is completed, and revisions along with query clearing sessions are conducted separately for every student based on his performance in such tests. Parents are updated on the progress report of all students every week. The query clearing session enables students to be more interactive and shed away their hesitation improving their personality.