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Baccalaureate Academy is the leading educational service provider for IB tutor in Mumbai not onlyoffering IB tuition but also IGCSE, A/AS, AP, and other School Leaving Examinations. We are well known for providing top-class teaching experience, especially for IB and IGCSE students with our strong network of IB Tutor in Mumbai. Our IB online tutors are experienced and highly trained for teaching the syllabus of the IB programs. Baccalaureate Academy is the right platform for IB students in Mumbai to learn and explore each subject of IB programs. Here our certified IB tutors will help meet your academic requirement through quality and interactive teaching methods.

With more than 12 years of experience in taking tuitions for IB and IGCSE students, we are connected to a strong network of community compromising of IB students and teachers. Our IB tutors are present in major cities of India where IB schools are situated. Mumbai has India’s most premium IB schools with a pool of IB students preparing for their future goals. Baccalaureate Academy aims to offer premium quality IB tuition to the IB students in Mumbai in a fully professional manner. We have IB online tutors available in Mumbai for every subject of the IB program to help students stay focused on their studies through our planned IB tuition.

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The IB is a global standardized test that assesses students’ knowledge of English language, mathematics and science. It is one of the most competitive exams for grade schools worldwide. Our IB coaching centers in Mumbai are open to students who are interested in preparing for the IB exam. The program also offers Online IB Tutors for students. Our classes are designed to improve your understanding of the IB curriculum, prepare for exams, and provide opportunities for students interested in other subjects or careers. To qualify for your exam, you should have a schedule that includes studying for at least six hours per day and taking breaks throughout your study period to refresh yourself and stay focused.

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With quality teaching for IB and IGCSE students for over a decade, we have emerged as one of the best IB Tutoring Services in Mumbai. Now parents do not need to search for an IB Tutor near me in Mumbai, just search for Baccalaureate Academy, and our IB Tutor both online and offline will be there to fulfill the demands of IB students in Mumbai. Our well-researched and planned tuition session has always proven to be effective and result-oriented and IB students love the unique teaching style. From covering the in-depth syllabus to training for their exams our IB tutors in Mumbai help push students at every step. For some students who like to study alone with special attention, Baccalaureate Academy offers one-to-one IB tuition classes in Mumbai. In one-to-one students will be monitored and assessed regularly on their performance under the guidance of a dedicated IB tutor.