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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree provide a fundamental education in management and business principles. BBA students can specialize in an extensive range of scopes such as computer information system, finance, international business, and marketing. Bachelor in Business Administration or BBA, as it is popularly known as, is one of the highly In-demand courses in today’s world. Our candidates have who have successfully completed their course in BBA have a secured job prospect in finance, marketing and Human Resource sector (HRM).

A progressive popular subject among students, business and management consider developing an understanding of the various business practice, tools, and activities.

In our revision course, students learn to discuss, evaluate and develop knowledge of a wide variety of subtopics, including different organizations and the economic theories. To gain better insight into the IB business and management subject, it is essential to understand the requirements and depth of the different topics put forth in the syllabus.
With Baccalaureate academy, you will acquire that perception. A significant component of our revision course is not only analyzing the syllabus but also sharing key examiner pointers. Many students find it difficult to translate their knowledge onto paper for the exams but we’ll assure it does not happen with our pupil. By going through the examiner pointers and undergoing mock preparations, students will achieve the assignment tools to excel.
The business and management course requires a lot of knowledge immersion. We understand that many topics may be difficult for students so our tutors will prepare a personal study plan. This personal study plan is developed through various class interactions, the results of the mock exams and discussions between the teacher and student. We encourage students to always engage with our teachers to optimize their learning experience and focus on clearing minutest doubts of the topic.


Commerce course is a very popular choice when it comes to Indian students who have just passed their 10th standard board examinations.
Initially, it had been probable that the Science stream and its quality had deteriorated the identity of Commerce stream.
A few years ago, there was a perception that was stuck in the minds of Indian parents that, this stream was preserved for students who were not good in their academics.
However, it’s manifested everybody wrong and commerce is being chosen by the sharp students!
According to the research conducted by the educational board in the year 2017, 2.67 lakh students choose commerce as their stream of education over science and arts in Mumbai alone.
This article is an eye-opener for everybody that proves that selecting commerce would be the simplest call taken by an individual.
You will be explained the main points regarding commerce schooling (11th and 12th), boards of education available in India, subjects to choose and study, professional courses available post successfully accomplishing 12th, career opportunities and prospects.

Why Commerce Stream after 10th?


The diversity that commerce as a stream provides is one among the most reasons that attract several category tenth students.

For an instance, we can consider B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) after completing class 12 board examinations.

This three years undergraduate degree is sort of a basic foundation course.

Post finishing it, one can pick from a wide range of Post Graduation professional courses and specialize in many other areas.

Commerce as a stream may be a entree that leads the scholars towards numerous skilled when finishing category twelve.

Courses like chartered accountancy (CA), Company Secretary (CS), Cost and Management Accountant (CMA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Banking Sector, Teaching Profession.

Branches of Commerce

Commerce as a course of education may be understood as a study of business and trade pursuits like the exchange of products and services from the producer to final client. The vital subjects that area unit educated within the Commerce stream at school eleven and twelve comprise accounting, Economics, Business Studies, Statistics, Mathematics and Informatics Practices. There area unit varied mixtures of subjects that the students will opt for in their class eleven and twelve.

Commerce Subjects coated at school eleven and twelve area unit given below:


Business Studies





Business Studies

Business studies a vast subject in the social sciences that allows an in-depth study of a degree of specialties. Such as finance, accountancy, marketing, and organization


Accountancy is the practice of recording, allocating and outlining on trade transactions for a business. It provides an assessment of management regarding the monetary outcomes and ranking of an institution.


Economics can be explained in different ways. It’s the study of shortage, the study of how people make the utilization of resources and counter to the incentives. International Baccalaureate (IB) is the most complex & efficient board amidst the above mentioned educational boards. It concentrates on the notion of ‘how to learn’. Much prominence is placed on the ‘knowledge application’ and ‘practical aspects’ of studying, preferred mostly by international standards. On a final note, we help students settle down on the hard work and persistence. The preceding data is that the reason that manifests and urges the students to take up commerce stream. We provide the previous year’s question papers, discover the important questions, analyze and comprehend the exam pattern, sample papers, NCERT solutions and more.